10 expert tips to train your dog to walk off-leash

10 expert tips to train your dog to walk off-leash

Letting your dog go off-leash is a very big decision. Like every other thing, it has its pros and cons. But nonetheless, your dog will enjoy the freedom. This freedom would mean that you’ll need to be on your toes at all times. But that’s not all, there are some other things too that you’ll need to keep in mind.

1. Understand that it is a huge responsibility

With great freedom comes great power. And for you, that means a huge responsibility. You’ll have to be more alert than before.

2. Be careful of when they are likely to be disobedient

You should know your dog well. Make a list of what they like and dislike, and when they will not listen to you. This will help you to prevent any misbehaviour.

3. Socialise your dog properly

Socialising should begin as soon as you get your puppy. Take them everywhere (even an auto ride) so that every sight and movement is normalised. For walks, you can carry them since you don’t want to over-exert them.

4. Let them walk, and be tired. Then unclip the leash

When they are tired, it is unlikely that they will want to chase anything and cause any trouble. So, easier for you to monitor them.

5. Teach them to follow you at all times

You should start this early when they are a puppy. If you think they are moving ahead, turn around, so they know they have to follow you.

6. Practise the recall command

You should have a very strong recall. Practise it at home first, in every corner possible. Then, practise it in an outdoor environment that is familiar. Since outdoors can be distracting, it may take three weeks to train them. 

7. Make it a mix of leash and unleash

This way your dog is also not free all of a sudden. Because otherwise, they would not know what to do with all the freedom.

8. Don’t go ahead if you can’t manage them with a leash

If your dog gets distracted easily, and you find it difficult to manage him on the leash itself, you should not consider going off-leash.

9. Be considerate of others

Some people are scared of dogs and might not be comfortable with your dog walking/running off-leash. You should know how to handle situations like that. You can give a ‘sit’ command to your dog till the other person passes by.

10. Trust your bond

Yes, this decision can be full of anxiety. But trust your bonding with your dog, and know that he’ll be okay. 

Before you go ahead, it is necessary that you train your dog properly. For that, a routine is required. Set up reminders on the Sploot app right now, and start training your dog!