10 monsoon grooming tips for your dog

10 monsoon grooming tips for your dog

It’s time for the rains!  That means a lot of moisture, your dog getting more opportunities to jump in a puddle, get messier, and also catch infections. If there is any time when you have to be extra careful about your dog’s hygiene, it is monsoons. Make sure you follow the next few grooming tips during monsoon time. 

1. Let them be comfortable with touching. 

Let them associate grooming with a fun time. For eg, train them to roll over for a belly rub. That way, it’s easier to clean and examine their belly. Train them for a handshake, and let the paw stay there. This makes it easier to clean their paws. 

The ‘Sit’ command will also come in handy when you want to clean them.

2. Use  a raincoat and boots when going out

As a preventive measure, it is always best to use a raincoat and boots for your dogs when you go out in the rain. 

3. Rinse off with clean water as soon as you come back

It is usually the paws and the belly area which get dirty. Instead of simply wiping it, use a hose and clean them. It is especially important to rub the areas between the paws.

4. Dry them properly and give a quick brush

Since there is no sun,  and the moisture content in the air is already high; use a dry towel to dry them. You can also use a hairdryer in a cold setting. Once that is done should brush their coat.

5. Look for ticks after walks. 

As they are tired, it is the best time to examine them. An added benefit is that the tick won’t even get attached to the skin by the time you get back.

If you think it is too much work, don’t let them go in tall grass. 

6. Don’t bathe them too frequently

Once in two or three weeks is a good frequency to bathe them. You don’t have to give a bath if only one area is dirty. 

Use a dry shampoo if you feel the dirt is not going even after rinsing. Shampoo in the opposite direction of the fur. And brush them afterward. 

7. Keep dabbing with a tissue to take away moisture

Moisture content causes rashes, pimples, bacterial infection, etc. The best way to avoid that is to keep the moisture away.

Dogs like pugs, french bulldogs, and boxers have flaps on their face. Use an absorbent tissue to clean the moisture between them, as the moisture can cause bacterial infections.

8. Deworming should be taken care of

Their paws might have germs sometimes, and they may also lick them. This can lead to stomach infections. So make sure that you deworm them at appropriate times

9. Don’t avoid taking them out in the drizzle.

If it is only drizzling outside you can get them to wear a raincoat and boots and take them outside. This will make them comfortable with water, and they will not stay away from when they have to relieve themselves.

10. Engage them in mental and physical exercises indoors

For mental exercises, you can engage them in DIY puzzles, or toys.

For physical exercises, 

(1) you can make an obstacle, 

(2) toss a treat and let them find it, 

(3) make them go up and down the stairs, 

(4) play indoor games like tug of war, or fetch. However, make sure that there is a carpet or yoga mat so that when they jump or land- their knees are not affected.

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