4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs an Accurate Medical Record

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs an Accurate Medical Record

I know you love your dog and would give an arm to keep them happy and healthy. But, you know how you can really make sure they’re taken care of?

By making sure you keep an up-to-date medical log throughout their life.

Not convinced? Let me take you through the different use cases where you’ll need one.

The onus is on you!

#1: When you get a new pup

We conducted a survey with 100+ pet parents, and found that 80% of new pet parents did not receive a physical record of vaccinations their pup. That means they didn’t have exact vaccination dates – which means they didn’t know when their puppy should get their booster shots (critical to get these within 2-3 weeks of the initial shot to get the right immune system response.

Whether we like it or not, the onus of making sure our pups get their vaccinations on time lies on us. Keeping a log helps keep track of that!

Did you get a medical file when you got your new pup?

#2: Undergoing Medical Treatments

Ever been on a dose of antibiotics? I’m sure you know from your own experience that it’s easy to forget taking a dose. And this is with your mom calling you multiple times a day to remind you!

It’s the same for dogs – only you’re the mom (or dad), and they don’t know how to take the medicine themselves or remind you to give it to them. That means it’s on you.

Keeping a log not only helps you stay on track with their treatment, but also helps in getting better feedback from your vet. Think about it, if you’re logging all their doses and storing pictures / making notes about progress, your vet has a lot more information to rely on for further treatment.

Never miss a dose!

#3: Getting a Diagnosis

This one is along the same lines as #2 – the more information you provide to your vet, the better they are able to diagnose the issues your dog might be facing. With little or no information, vets have no choice but to rely on a trial and error approach to medical care.

Make sure your vet has all the info they need on your dog’s health.

#4: Changing Vets

In the same survey, we found that 65% of pet parents change vets at least once in their dog’s lifetime. That means at least once in their dog’s life time (spanning ~13 years), they have had to educate a new vet on their dog’s lifestyle, conditions, and habits. Do I need to explain how difficult this can be without having an up-to-date medical record?

Make life easier for your dog – maintain a medical record that can be used by their vet to understand them better.

There you go. Four reasons why you need to maintain a medical log for your dog.

Now tell me – how many of you actually do maintain one? Chances are, you’re not.

That’s why we made an app!

It’s tech to correct for human error – like finding it difficult to maintain a proper medical record for your dog.

You can use the sploot app to upload your vet’s prescriptions, set reminders for doses, and take notes on their progress.

Download now from the app store: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/sploot/id1513928912