5 Most Difficult Aspects of Having a Dog

5 Most Difficult Aspects of Having a Dog

It is all a rosy picture till you see other’s puppies and dogs, and decide to get one for yourself. But after you finally bring the cutest fur ball home, you realise “picture abhi baaki hai”. Here are the remaining five parts of the ‘picture’ that no one telecasts.

1.”You can never know what your dog is thinking” -Nidhi from Doggiversity

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You don’t know why they peed in one corner of the house, or why they are barking, is it just food or do they like me?

2. You don’t know if you are doing the right thing. 

You might have friends or family who have a dog, but their dog’s needs and behaviour might be completely different from yours. 

Here, however, the Sploot app comes to the rescue. You can access exclusive content which gives you guidance to raise your dog the right way.

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3. You are exhausted beyond measure. 

You might have seen days where you are so tired you don’t even get up to eat, but with them, it’s a different game altogether.

4. Your schedule is more of their schedule. 

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Be it the trips, an outing, even the time you wake up, sleep, or cook- all depends on your dog’s routine.

To make it easy for both of you, you can train your dog such that their routine fits in well with yours. Use the Sploot app to set up reminders for their training time, and their general routine too.

5. Your patience will be tested time and again.

On one hand, training them will take more time than you think, and on the other hand- there might be a lot of mess, housetraining accidents, excessive barking, to name a few. But be patient, hooman!

You got this!