5 Reasons to Take Care of Your Senior Dog’s Fitness

5 Reasons to Take Care of Your Senior Dog’s Fitness

A dog’s long life is something we all pray for! As he ages, it becomes even more important to keep him active and fit. When we talk of a dog’s fitness, it includes both mental as well physical fitness. 

To take care of a dog’s fitness, here are the things that you can do. However, you need to keep in mind that a senior dog will take a longer time to learn them, and the time you train them should be less than the time spent with a puppy or an adult dog. This is because they might not have as much energy remaining. 

Let us now look at why you should take care of your senior dog’s fitness, as told by Pranita- India’s first certified canine fitness trainer.

1. Through canine fitness, dogs live longer

It is needless to say that when anyone, human or animal is fit, their longevity increases. The first thing, to begin with, is correcting their posture itself. Even if they are senior dogs, the posture can be corrected to some extent. 

2. Their stamina will increase 

Since they can’t walk a lot at this age,  just three repetitions of sit, stand, and come command will be a good workout for them. You can also teach them to spin around and walk backward.

3. They are mentally tired and physically doing something

Since mental stimulation is as important as a physical one, these exercises will serve as both. Learning these commands will keep their brain active and their body will also get the much-needed movement. 

4. The extent of medical issues (if any) will be reduced

Problems like hip dysplasia, weak joints, or kidney issues are some common ailments of old age. Although these cannot be rooted out, their consequences will be minimized. It will not cause as much trouble to the dog if he is fit. 

5. They will enjoy a better life

The whole point is to get them to enjoy life i.e. they get to play more fetch, have more walks, and fewer vet visits. 

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