5 Ways to Maintain Your Dog's Fitness

5 Ways to Maintain Your Dog's Fitness

Not one person in this world will deny that puppies are too cute! They will give you all the love and you will give them all yours. But would that suffice? We wish! For your puppy to lead a healthy life, there are a lot of factors that you will need to consider, and fitness is one of them. 

Pranita, India’s first certified canine fitness trainer, says that when we look at canine fitness,  it includes both mental as well as physical fitness. She gave us some amazing tips on how you can maintain the same for your dog. These can begin from when he is two months old. Now, let’s have a look at what all you can do.

1. Begin with correcting their posture

Look up the internet for the correct dog posture while standing and sitting. When you train your dog for the ‘sit’, ‘come’, or, ‘stand’ command; make sure you are correcting his posture as well.

Ideally, you should train him on a yoga mat so that the area is confined and you also know that the dog is sitting straight and is not diagonal. Also, observe how they get up after sitting. If they have to adjust their legs, they are not using their core which they should. When they use their core, getting up becomes an exercise itself.

2. Introduce him to walking on different surfaces

Let him walk on uneven surfaces as well so that he knows how to balance his body.  However, be careful that the area is not too risky and even if he falls, it won’t hurt him. This way, he will learn to coordinate all four legs.

3. Teach him to spin around

While you do this, ensure that he gets to spin from both sides. This is necessary so that whole of his body gets even exercise, and one part is not thinner or weaker than the other.

4. Teach your dog to walk backward

On one hand, it will help him to learn to co-ordinate both the hind and front legs; on the other, this will also serve as good mental stimulation.

5. Whenever he is jumping or exercising, he should land on a soft surface

If he lands on a harder surface, the shock will impact his bones and will cause knee problems as he ages. So, when he is jumping from a height or you are playing fetch, make sure that the surface is soft.

You will definitely need to make a schedule for all the activities. In case you don’t miss out on anything and your puppy gets the best of all,  set up reminders on the Sploot app right away.