6 things to do when your dog is an escape artist

6 things to do when your dog is an escape artist

How many times has your dog run away from you, because he found something interesting? When you put your dog off-leash, this is a common thing to happen. Sometimes, they do it just to enjoy the chase. And man! Some dogs can get an Oscar for the escape artist that they are! If your dog is one of them, we have some tips to help you deal with it.

1. If you are approaching people or other dogs, clip your dog quickly

Every dog wants to meet other people and other dogs. To avoid the situation, put him back on the leash. In fact, if there is any other time when he is likely to escape, clip him beforehand.

2. When your dog is chasing squirrels etc., you’ll have to wait

If he has already found something before you got the chance to prevent it, you can’t do much. Unless and until you have a strong recall, chances are he won’t listen. The next tip can help you here.

3. Teach him from day one that you are number one

He has to know that you are the pack leader. No matter how many other people are there, it is you he has to listen to every time. When you train him, this bond will start forming. 

4. If he/she is not listening, turn around and hide

The most important factor here is that your dog should know that you are number one (as said in point three). When he doesn’t see you, he will ultimately end the chase because he has to find you. Thus making it easier for you to manage him.

5. Be more engaging than whatever is attracting their attention

No matter how many times you call his name, he won’t listen to you. You can act funnier, you may have to dance, clap, jump, do anything to get his attention.

6. Don’t let them be too friendly  

Right from when they are a puppy, you have to make sure that they are comfortable with everyone and every environment. But you’ll have to maintain a balance in not letting them be too friendly. They should know that they can’t approach everyone, and have to stick by your side.

Next time, when your dog is off leash, and tries to escape, keep these points in mind (and surprise him with your new act :D)!