8 questions to ask yourself before getting a dog

8 questions to ask yourself before getting a dog

Getting a dog is not a decision for just a day, he/she will be with you for the next 10 to 15 years. Your life will change completely and will pretty much revolve around this fur friend. To make such a big decision,  it is important to first think it through. To help you with it,  here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before getting a dog.

1. Will you be able to afford a dog?

When it comes to a dog, the expenses include everything from food to vaccination, to vet visits, to grooming, to toys and training. So, your finances will be one of the most important things that you will need to consider.

2. Do you have enough time to dedicate to them?

A dog will be dependent on you for a lot of basic things like food, regular exercise, grooming, and even toilet breaks. If you are planning to get a dog make sure you have enough time in your routine for all these tasks. And if at any point you can’t be available, will there be someone to take care of your dog’s needs?

3. Are you someone with ample patience?

Training a dog is a huge task.  Whether it is telling them the do’s and don’ts of your house,  teaching them basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’, and ‘go’, or potty training them- everything will take a lot of time because a dog needs to understand all the rules.

Despite this, there may be accidents where your dog will not behave how you want him to,  will you be able to maintain your patience at times like these? 

4. Will anyone else be able to help if you are not around?

Whether you are going for a trip or you are late at the office, your dog will not be able to stay without you for a long time. For situations like these, will you be able to manage a dog sitter or a friend to be with your dog? 

5. Do you have a vet near you?

You will need a vet for vaccinations, regular checkups, and sometimes for emergencies as well. Since dogs can’t talk, the most you will be able to recognise through their behaviour will be that they are not well. For the rest, only a vet can help you. Before getting a dog, make sure there is a vet in your city.

6. Is your house suitable for the breed that you are planning to get?

Different breeds of dogs have different requirements. Some adjust well in small apartments also, and some need a larger space because they are highly active. The space that you are planning to offer your dog, is it enough for him/her?

7. Will you be able to maintain a routine for exercising your dog?

Be it a puppy, or a grown-up dog, they would need regular exercising. And exercise doesn’t just mean walks and runs, but mental exercises as well. For the former you will need a dedicated time where you play different games and ultimately tire the dog; the latter will need DIY toys and other such activities for mental stimulation.

Will you be able to fit them both in your lifestyle and routine?

8. If you are bringing the dog into the family, is everyone ready for him?

Since the dog is going to be a new member of the whole family,  it is important that you discuss with everyone about his/her arrival. Only after everyone is comfortable with the new presence should you decide on getting a dog. In fact, it is better to give everyone the time to mentally prepare themselves for the change.

If you responded positively to all the questions, and if you feel you are ready to get a dog, Sploot is there to help you with keeping all the medical records, setting up reminders, and learning how to raise a good dog!