How to become a good pet parent

How to become a good pet parent

Being a pet parent is as big of a responsibility as being the parent to your own child. Hence your pets should also be pampered and valued in the same way. Your little fur babies, when they are growing up look up to you, learn from you, and fully depend on you. It is also noticed that these little ones grasp their behaviour, nature and temperament from you too.  Hence it is very important to be the right parent to your pet.

Do you ever wonder if you’re a good dog owner, whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned one? Caring for a pet can be overwhelming at times, and it can be difficult to know if we are doing the right thing and if our dogs are truly happy.

Since many people, during this pandemic have recently become pet parents, it is important to know what a good pet parent looks like, let us help you out!

·  Knowledge is the key to success (even with pets):- A great dog parent understands their breed’s specific needs, characteristics, and temperament and treats them accordingly. Because the needs of the owner and the dog are similar, their lifestyles do not clash. Two daily walks? Not a problem. It’s critical to understand how to best assist your pet, whether that’s via study in books, internet articles, or talking to other owners. With so much conflicting information, I would consider organizing a session with a professional trainer or behaviour specialist to ensure that you are on the correct route.

Source: PetsWorld

·  It is important to socialize your fur baby:- your baby should be well-behaved and flexible in a variety of circumstances. A good dog owner introduces their canines to all parts of life in a calming and encouraging manner. ‘Socialization’ is more than just a phrase used by trainers and behaviourists; it is most likely the single most essential activity that pet parents can perform for their pups or dogs. Socialization, when done correctly from puppyhood and beyond, will guarantee that your dog is as well-adjusted as possible. This entails gradual exposure to numerous social cues like people, other dogs/animals, items, settings, and sound.

Source: American Kennel Club

· Having defined boundaries is necessary:-  Both the owner and the pet are considerate of each other’s needs, and the dog does not rule the roost. There should be loving guidance and understanding when raising well-adjusted canines, but there is also a need for limits. Boundaries, whether they are about personal space or other home rules, may make life much simpler for both you and your dog. We may utilize positive reinforcement to foster self-discipline in our dogs without the use of punishment; this is best started from puppyhood.

·  What you feed your dog is very important for their health: – You are what you eat, and this is true for dogs just as much as it is for humans. It may be tough to determine what is best for our pets with so many different nutritional alternatives on the market. Speaking with a pet nutritionist or conducting extensive research might help you make smarter decisions. Whether it’s kibble, canned food, or more fresh home-cooked meals.

Source: PetMD

·  Love and understanding is the most necessary candy to give your little one: – You are buddies and companions who look forward to seeing each other. You can tell what each other needs, whether it’s a cuddle, a stroll, some space, or a soothing head on your lap. Pets, like people, are individuals with strengths and flaws. We’ve all felt misunderstood, overwhelmed, and befuddled by expectations at times. Imagine how tough it is for pets to adjust to life with us humans in our chaotic environment because they are a different species! It is our responsibility as pet parents to advise and instil tools that allow our pets to live securely and happily in a world of ideas and expectations that frequently contradict their natural impulses.