Train travel with your dog in India

Train travel with your dog in India

Travelling is one of the most concerning things for pet parents in India. Most of the pet parents don’t want to leave their pets alone at home and travel which makes you pull back on your travel cravings. This shouldn’t happen with anyone, we should all be able to travel around with our little buddies. Dogs have been an essential part of our life as pets. They are by far the most devoted buddies someone could have. We make little effort in our daily lives to care for and pamper our beloved dog. But there’s a problem when you have to travel by train. Most people wish to travel by train with their dogs, but are pets permitted? Yes, you may take your pet on a train in India. If you’re not sure how to transport a dog on a train or how to book a dog ticket on a train, keep reading to find out. The more you learn about the laws and regulations of Indian Railways, the more perplexed you will get. As a result, we made the decision to clear this.

You are permitted to travel on Indian trains with your dogs. The Indian railroads, however, would impose some norms and regulations on this travel. The dog should be kept close to and inside the cabin only when travelling by First Class AC. In some situations, they will be classified as baggage and transported in the Brake or Luggage Van. Dogs are also permitted aboard railway coaches if they are managed in the same manner as a blind person’s seeing eye. Even if you travel with your dog in a railway compartment (other than an AC First class coupe), you must guarantee that the dog does not cause a disturbance. You must also seek the consent of the other passengers.

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To transport a dog on trains, approach the Parcel Office at your boarding station. If you pay INR 10 or more, based on the scale of the dog, you will be handed a booking slip. This is your dog’s railway ticket. This booking sheet is required regardless of whether the dog travels by rail or in a baggage van.

Travelling with Your Dog on a Train

• Booking a First Class AC coupe is the finest and easiest method to take the train with a dog. To guarantee that your beloved pet enjoys a nice trip, you must reserve the whole cabin on the train.

• Other classes of railway passengers are not authorized to bring their pets into a train cabin. Nevertheless, the dog could be carried in the Luggage or Brake Van for a fee. There are specifically constructed Dog Boxes in the Brake Vans for this purpose.

• If you would like to ride with your dog in the Luggage Van, call the Parcel Office two days before your trip to make arrangements for your dog’s lodgings.

• If you are detected bringing a dog in an AC First Class or Brake Van without prior booking, you will be fined at Luggage Rates based on the weight of the dog. These fees are paid in advance.

• If the dog is a “Seeing Eye” for a blind person, the tariff is the same as for dogs carried in a brake van, even though the dog stays within the compartment. Collars and chains must be worn by the dogs throughout such travel.

• It is the owner’s responsibility to provide water and food for their dogs aboard the train during the trip.

• You’ll also need permission from other passengers if you’re traveling with your dog in a First Class AC compartment (and sharing a coupe). If other passengers object to the dog being in the cabin at any stage during the flight, your pet will be removed to the Guard’s vehicle and no refund will be issued.

• Dogs are not permitted in any of the train’s compartments, including AC Sleeper coaches, AC Chair Cars, and second class coaches.

• If the dog is discovered to be in violation of any Indian railway rules, it will be promptly brought to the brake van, and you will be charged extra costs equal to six times the Luggage Scale Rate.

• Large dogs will be transported in a dedicated truck at the same cost and conditions as horses, rather than in the dog-box of a brake van on trains.

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