A Day in the Life of KVAAB Welfare

A Day in the Life of KVAAB Welfare

Come! Let’s take you to the journey of Kunal and Vasundhara- the dog lovers to dog lovers + founders of the KVAAB Welfare!

How it started?

They started fostering 1-2 dogs five years ago. It all escalated during a vacation in Bali when they saw a post about six motherless puppies, and they knew they had to go back and rescue them! They have been challenging themselves to take care of as many dogs as they can since then. 

They used to feed dogs, but “lockdown amplified things since the shops were shut, and the communities couldn’t come out. If we received a request to feed in a certain area, we’d check the distance and be like, ‘it’s only eighteen minutes away, let’s go’, they say.

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Fast forward to 2021

“Things are structured now”, the founders add. What started as just feeding, has now stemmed into sterilising, deworming, vaccination, medical treatment, and adoption. Currently, they are fostering a few dogs and looking after 250 dogs

On a side note, they themself have 3 dogs (or kids as they call them), and 2 cats too! Wow!

Any guesses on how they keep the record of them all? 

Yep, Sploot app it is! Download it right away and never miss any important thing about your dog!

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But what about their regular jobs?

Vasundhara and Kunal run a creative agency that caters to making digital and non-digital ads, and managing social media. So yes, that includes long hours devoted to video shoots, graphics, and art direction. The shoots can sometimes take a whole day, when the “family is asked to babysit the zoo”, laughs Vasundhara.

So, how do they manage them both?

“We take it one day at a time”, says Kunal, “Moreover it’s our own agency, and is project driven, so it is not like a nine to five job.” Plus, they have white boards in their room which are used to track all adoptions posts, meetings, shoots, and tasks. 

Wondering what their day looks like? It begins at 5 or 6 AM. They start with a round of feeding the street dogs early in the morning because most corporates get to work by 10 AM. All the vet runs are done during the lunch break, or post 6 PM. “And by 9 PM, we hit the bed,” Vasundhara adds. 

“There are days when it gets overwhelming, so we go MIA. But we are so addicted now, that we can’t stay away from our kids.”   -Vasundhara