AWBI Rules for Pets in Public Parks

AWBI Rules for Pets in Public Parks

In India, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has issued guidelines for the handling of dogs in public parks. These guidelines are intended to promote the welfare of dogs and ensure the safety of both dogs and the public in these areas.

Some of guidelines are as follow:
1)The entry of pet dogs into public parks cannot be banned if the dog are leashed and being walked by adults.

2)All boards which currently say "Dogs are strictly prohibited " or similar boards ought to be removed. Instead timings may be specified either in the morning or evening when pet parents are allowed to walk their dog.

3)Pet parents must bring their own pooper scoopers to pick up the excreta of their pets and deposit them in the dustbins.

4)Pets must be leashed on a leash which is no longer than six feet in length.

5)While pet owners must leash their pets in common areas, authorities cannot insist on the use of muzzles. However pet parents are advised to muzzle their pets after assessing the nature of their pet.

6)All local administrative bodies that manage parks should withdraw bans on pets being currently exercised. This applies to Resident Welfare Associations as well.