Busting dog adoption myths

Busting dog adoption myths

Getting a dog can completely change your life, and for good. At the same time, it is important that the dog’s life also changes for good. Whereas there are so many options to get a dog from, adopting them can make a huge difference.

What stops us are the myths that we have all heard around dog adoption. Time to bust them one by one! 

1. It is a time-consuming process

Yes, it takes time, but comparing it to buying from the breeder is also not justified. Because if filling a form, or dealing with a house check is worrisome, just imagine the number of tasks and responsibilities that you will have once you get the dog/puppy! 

In fact, the time that the process of adoption takes is important since it forces you to re-think your decision and make up your mind about getting a dog.

2. There is some physical/emotional damage in the dogs up for adoption

A rescuer has a complete history of the dog that is up for adoption. Hence, you can easily know about his medical history, the vaccine schedule, and behavioral traits. 

The breeder, on the other hand, can lie about the age, or a puppy with some illness can be passed on. Moreover, you can’t even know if the mother dog had some illness.

3. They are difficult to train

Every dog has different training needs. These are less to do with a breed, and more about what environment they are in, how they are treated, and how they are taught. Now that there are so many resources as well as canine trainers; if done properly, any dog can be trained.

To get assistance in training, you can download the Sploot app; where you can set up reminders, get updates on the latest workshops and pet products.

4. They are not socialised and are difficult to co-exist with other pets

Socializing and co-existence have a lot to do with the pet parent and not the breed of the dog. If the dogs are trained properly and things are induced in their lives, the process becomes similar to any other breed of dog.

5. Adopted dogs (especially indies) are inferior to other breeds

Indies have a huge variety, they are smart, and they are good learners too. Moreover, they are well suited for the Indian weather since they have come a long way adapting to it. These factors in no way make them inferior but only adds to their positive characteristics.

Here are some more benefits of adopting a dog.