Lost your dog? Here's what you can do

Lost your dog? Here's what you can do

We've all heard stories about dogs going missing, getting abducted, and fleeing their homes, and while putting up posters on walls is still an effective way to look for them, today's pet owners prefer to use internet platforms, which allow them to reach a larger audience and simplify the search. In fact, social media is fast becoming the new primary destination for locating dogs.

Losing a dog is the worst nightmare for any dog parent

Here are some ways you can get the most out of your dog search:

- Some parents choose to create a search group equipped with posters, a torch (for night searches), and a packet of their dog’s favourite biscuits.

- You can put a ‘missing ad’ in the most widely circulated local language newspapers, not just the English publications. Something which is read by even your local tea-stall proprietors, rickshaw drivers, watchmen, and so on.

- Respond to every call from the posters or advertisements that you put up. Do not believe that any location is too far away. Visit several locations across the city, as well as every similar-looking dog that has been reported.

Sploot is helping its fellow pet owners by providing them handmade posters, telling people about what to do and what not to do and spreading the word to find your missing pet.

Here’s where you can access our ‘missing-dog poster’ and even though we hope you never have to use it, we’re putting it out there to make a tough time simpler.

Print these posters, give them to local vendors. Cab drivers, auto drivers, rickshaw drivers, food stall owners often tend to go across lost dogs and can really be helpful to let you find your baby.

Here is a sample lost poster available for download

Quick things to do when your doggo goes missing would be:

  1. Check areas where you took them last or where they were last seen.
  2. Talk to people who stay in the area or are there every day to find out where your dog is.
  3. Put flyers everywhere in the locality’
  4. The most important thing is to go look in shelters for your dog. They usually end up there when complained or reported about.
  5. Check the CCTV footage in your locality, society, or on the streets.
  6. Also check the areas where you usually take your dog, eg: frequently visited parks, walk routes etc

How to prevent your dog from running away or getting lost?

  1. Always walk your dog leashed unless they’re much trained and you know they will not run away!
  2. Keeping a tight grip on them when you walk them would prevent them from running away or getting snatched - specially in new areas.
  3. Training your dog is the most important.

Important things to keep in mind are, to file an FIR with your nearest police station when your doggo goes missing, use pet tags, get them trackers, use a collar and put up your name and number on it for someone to find you.

Losing your dog is the toughest thing any pet parent can go through, and we here at sploot are there to help you get your little one back!

Sploot is also coming up with a guidebook for all pet owners to help them with community related issues soon!

Guidebook will include various issues that we face as a community and how to deal with them

What's coming up next?

We will be talking about the most common RWA issues that pet owners face, and what you can do in these situations to make it as hassle free as possible, for everyone involved.

The court reaffirmed that it is illegal for an individual, RWA, or estate management to remove or transfer pets under the Prevention of Cruelty Act 1890. The decision also declared local governments, RWAs, and municipal corporations accountable for the care of stray dogs in their jurisdictions - so let’s talk a bit more about what that means, stay tuned!