DIY Christmas Gift Session

DIY Christmas Gift Session

  1. Braided Fleece Tug Toy:
  • Materials:
    1) Three strips of fleece in Christmas colors (red, green, white)
  • Instructions:
    1) Knot one end of the three strips together.
    2) Braid the strips together tightly.
    3) Knot the other end securely.
    4) Trim any excess fabric.

2. Squeaky Christmas Tree Toy:

  • Materials:
    1) Green felt
    2) Squeaker from an old dog toy or a squeaky dog ball
    3) Stuffing
  • Instructions:
    1) Cut two Christmas tree shapes from the green felt.
    2) Sew the two tree shapes together, leaving an opening.
    3) Insert the squeaker and stuffing into the opening.
    4) Sew the opening shut.

3. Holiday Snuffle Mat:

  • Materials:
    1) Rubber mat with holes or an old doormat
    2) Strips of fleece in various Christmas colors
  • Instructions:
    1) Cut the fleece into strips.
    2) Push each strip through a hole in the mat and tie a knot on the other side.
    3) Repeat until the mat is covered in fleece strips.
    4) Sprinkle your dog's kibble or treats into the mat for a festive snuffle activity.

4. Christmas Sock Snowman:

  • Materials:
    1) A clean, old sock
    2) Rice or stuffing
    3) Rubber bands
    4) Squeaker (optional)
  • Instructions:
    1) Fill the sock with rice or stuffing to create the body.
    2) Use rubber bands to section off the sock into a head and body.
    3) Tie a knot at the open end.
    4) Decorate the snowman with felt or fabric for eyes, nose, and buttons.
    5) Insert a squeaker inside the head if desired.

5. Chewable Christmas Wreath:

  • Materials:
    1) A durable, thick rope
    2) Dog-safe wood or cardboard pieces
    3) Christmas ribbon
  • Instructions:
    1) Tie the rope into a circle to create the wreath shape.
    2) Attach dog-safe wood or cardboard pieces around the wreath.
    3) Wrap the wreath with Christmas ribbon for added festive flair.