DIY Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied: Lockdown Edition

DIY Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied: Lockdown Edition

Lockdowns and community quarantines can be frustrating, but for many countries, it’s quite necessary to protect the citizen from the COVID-19 virus. Sadly, the condition not only affects humans but also fur babies such as pooches who are used to going out on walks or meeting with fellow dogs at the park.

Good thing, there are several ways you can keep your dogs entertained and comfy all throughout the summer season. Learn more about these options by reading the list below.

Make him/her a Delicious Frozen Snack

Nothing can entertain your pooch more effectively than a sumptuous frozen treat. It’s cool, delicious and nutritious especially if you use fresh fruits and other ingredients. When the temperature inside your home gets too hot, you can hand your dog a delectable frozen snack to calm him/her down.

Brush up on Discipline Training

When there’s nothing left to do, you should think of productive ways to spend your time. The same rule applies to your pet dog. Use the extra time you have to brush up on his/her discipline training. It’s the perfect opportunity to correct poor dog behavior such as excessive barking and showing aggressiveness towards other dogs.  

Watch a Movie

Dogs, especially those who are used to staying inside homes, are keen on watching television. That’s why it would be worth it to consider watching a film with your dog. Look for films that feature canines. Some popular titles include Isle of Dogs and A Dog’s Purpose. 

Spend Time Doing Mental Exercises

There are plenty of ways you can tire out your dog without bringing him or her outside your home. One fine example is doing mental exercises. You can start by teaching your dog some new tricks. You can check out some tutorial videos or attend free webinars provided by professional dog trainers.  

Develop a More Creative Way to Exercise

Use toys or perhaps integrate some physical activities before mealtime. Surely, you can find a few things in your house that can help you create a nice play area for your fur baby. If you have enough space, you can try adding new features such as a rest area and a playground. You can install beaded wires or a step ladder to create a small race course.

Sploot View: Get Creative, Hooman!

It’s a tough time for both dogs and humans. For now, the world needs to wait a bit more until a cure or a vaccine is found. Until everything begins to settle down, everyone needs to make a few adjustment in oder to cope. 

Sometimes, the best way to cope during a lockdown is just to keep each other company. If the tips provided above won’t do the job for you, you can always try other means such as learning yoga with your dog, taking selfies, polishing your pet photography skills and giving your dog some mega doses of belly rubs. Which of the tips shared above are you going to try?