Do Dogs Dream? What Do They Dream About?

Do Dogs Dream? What Do They Dream About?

Have you ever noticed your dog making adorable sounds while he or she is fast asleep? A lot of fur parents out there find this behavior quite charming. Some even believe that the odd sounds their dogs make while they’re in deep slumber are caused by dreaming. But do dogs dream? What do they usually dream about? Do dogs dream like their fur moms and dads?

Scientists believe that dogs really do dream when they sleep

Dogs take a nap regardless of the time of day or their current location. On average, they can sleep at most 14 hours per day. Some, especially pups and old-aged dogs spend longer hours sleeping to cope with their body development or changes. There are also quite a few breeds that tend to spend most of their time napping instead of playing fetch or digging holes around the house. Some examples include Chow-chow, bulldog, Great Dane, Lhasa Apso, and Bassett hound. 

Pedigree explains that pooches have a similar brain activity to humans when they are in REM sleep. The study suggests that the similar patterns between the two indicate that dogs also dream. Hence, it’s common to see dogs, especially smaller breeds and puppies whimper or pant while they sleep. Their adorable movement may indeed tell you that they’re dreaming. 

So, what do dogs dream about?

According to American Kennel, each dog dreams differently. Experts believe that smaller dogs tend to have shorter and more frequent dreams. On one hand, larger dog breeds have longer but less frequent dreams.  

They usually dream about what they did on the previous day. For example, if you took your chihuahua to the park, he or she might dream about seeing other dogs or walking with you side by side. Your dog might also dream about taking a bath or eating his or her favorite snack. 

However, like humans, your pooch can also have nightmares. When that happens, you should not attempt to do anything. Your dog might become super aggressive towards you because of the dream. The best course of action is to let it pass. Wait for your pooch to wake up and comfort him or her afterward. 

Sploot View: What do dogs see in their dreams?

It’s incredibly interesting to know what exactly your pooch sees when he or she undergoes REM sleep. Right now, it’s impossible to have a concrete idea as to what’s really happening in the dog’s mind. As a dog owner, you can only infer by observing his or her behavior while sleeping then think about what your pooch did that other day. Twitching legs might actually mean that he or she is running around in his or her sleep. Your fur baby might even see a squirrel or bird in the dream. He or she might even dream about the nasty bath day or his or her trip to the vet.

What other things do you want to know about your adorable fur buddy! Let us know and we’ll share our thoughts in another post!