Dog friendly game: Down Command

Dog friendly game: Down Command

Looking for a game to play with your buddy in your free time? sploot has your back!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? If you want a well-mannered dog, teaching him to lie down is a must. Teaching your dog to lie down can help you control  his impulses.

Here’s how you can play:

  1. Grab a good treat. Just watch your dog and wait for them to lay down after saying 'lie down' as a command. When they lay down, immediately give them a treat.
  2. Keep waiting for your dog to do it again. Soon they will realize that they get a treat whenever they lie down.
  3. When your dog begins to lay down more often, add the command and say "Down" when you give a treat.
  4. After repeating a few more times to reinforce the action, say, "Down." If the dog lays down at the command, give them a jackpot for their good work!

"Down" or "lie down" is an important basic command for your dog to learn. Ideally, all dogs should know how to lie down when asked by their owners. The "down" command can be very useful when you need your dog to relax in a hectic situation or to keep them in a stay position for a long period of time.

Have fun teaching, and tell us if your dog learnt it!