Dog friendly game: Release

Dog friendly game: Release

Looking for a game to play with your buddy in your free time? sploot has your back!

Release” allows you to get items away from your dog without having to run after them. In fact, as most dogs love the game of chase, this will only increase the likelihood of your dog taking forbidden things in the future. They quickly learn it’s a great way to start what they see as a fun way to play with you. Teaching your dog to drop items on cue is also a useful component of fetch as it helps your dog bring objects back to your hand rather than leaving them on the floor for you to retrieve. And finally, “drop it” is perfect for trick training.

Here’s how you can play:

  1. Start With a Favorite Toy: To start, offer your dog one of its favourite toys, saying, "take it." As soon as the toy is in your dog's mouth, you can start!
  2. Swap the Toy for a Treat: While the toy is in your dog's mouth, hold a treat up to its nose. As soon as your dog releases the toy, give it the treat.
  3. Add a Verbal Cue: Add the verbal cue, such as "drop it." Say the cue firmly and clearly while still holding the treat near the dog's nose.
  4. Continue to Practice: Hold short training sessions throughout the day in various indoor and outdoor locations. End training session on a positive note (with a success). Be patient and consistent.

Training your dog to release, or "drop it," means teaching your dog to let go of whatever is in its mouth when given a verbal cue. The release command is very important to training your dog. It can protect a dog when it has something dangerous in its mouth, plus it allows you and your dog to play games like tug-of-war and fetch safely.

Have fun playing, and tell us if you enjoyed it!