Dog-friendly game: Which hand?

Dog-friendly game: Which hand?

Looking for a game to play with your buddy in your free time? sploot has your back 🙌🏼

Which hand” is a game most pet parents have played with their dog sometime or the other. If not, now’s the time ✊🏼 This game proves to be a fun activity, helps improve the dog’s sense of smell and works on relationship building.

Here’s a gist of how it's played: Hide dog treats in one hand and let your dog sniff your hands to figure out which hand has the treats. This will help with mental stimulation too! Read the steps below:

Step 1: Grab some treats and have your dog stay in the sit position: this game even provides behavioural training to your pet.

Step 2: Allow your dog to watch as you place a treat in one of your hands (watching their face during this time is the most fun part because they look the cutest 😬)

Step 3: Close your hands into a downward-facing fist and extend them out to your dog and ask “which hand?”

Step 4: Once your dog touches or signals the correct hand, praise them and give them the treat.

Your dog may not know at once what he’s supposed to do at the command, so stay consistent and they’ll soon get a hang of things. 🐕

Have fun playing, and tell us if you enjoyed it!