Dog friendly games: find the treat

Dog friendly games: find the treat

Are you searching for a quick and enjoyable activity to do with your dog to unwind after a long day? Try playing a little sniff the treats game. Find the treat is a famous game that most dog owners like to play with their pet, and it requires next to no set up.

The game is easy to play, enjoyable, and helpful for your dog in many ways. Not only will it physically stimulate your doggo but mentally too and surely deepen your bond with them.

This activity is straightforward nose work, and a simple method to exercise your dog's brain. Finding the treats allows the dog to sharpen their innate sense of smell and scavenging skills.

A quick guide on the best way to play:

1. In a rectangular towel, spread dry treats evenly: this will make it tough and more interesting for your doggo to find the treat.

2. Roll the towel to form a rope shape

3. Tie the two ends of the towel in a loose knot

4. Give it to your dog and let them enjoy finding treats

Do keep in mind, that choosing the correct treat that would attract your dog and make it greedy is important, or else they might not engage in the activity and it will all just be a waste 😅