Dog park etiquettes

When you go to a dog park the next time, make sure you abide by all of these dos and don'ts. Everyone will have a positive, secure, and pleasurable time at the dog park if these guidelines are followed.

Dog park etiquettes

Trips to the dog park are a wonderful way for dog owners and their pets to connect, mingle, and burn off some pent-up energy, but with all that fun comes responsibility. For everyone's enjoyment and safety, dog park laws and regulations are in place. Any dog park you visit will benefit from you and your dog understanding and abiding by the regulations.

The importance of parks for city inhabitants and their dogs is rising as backyards and other open areas get smaller.

Although dog parks are not particularly widespread in India, there are certain parks where you may have great outings with your dogs, such the Dog Park in Kondapur, Hyderabad, Lodhi Garden in New Delhi, The Elephant Pond in Bengaluru, Yari Road Pet Park in Mumbai, and Off the Leash Park in Gurugram. While we enjoy seeing our four-legged children run, jump, lounge, crawl, and exercise without restriction, there are certain fundamental guidelines that we must all go by in order to keep our dogs safe and make the park a nice place for everyone.

  1. Organise ahead of time

Visit a dog park without your dog first to get a sense of the location's vibe before bringing your pet there. Find out when it is busiest by asking the security personnel and the tourists. Take your dog to the park when there aren't as many dogs around if they're afraid of strange locations, people, or other dogs. You'll have greater control over your pet and the environment in this way. Remember to keep them leashed and under your control to prevent any unpleasant situations.

2. Spend as much time as possible with your dog

Many dog owners frequently take their dogs to dog parks where they are allowed to run loose, after which they pull out their phones and go do something else. Every five minutes or so, they peek over to make sure their dog is okay, and then they quickly return to texting, taking selfies, replying to emails, or, if they happen to run into a friend at the park, conversing on the phone or in person. While it is understood if you cannot completely avoid using your phone or any other situation, it is still your duty to watch how your pet interacts with other people and make sure they are giving them the right attention.

3. Do remember to bring a water bowl

Some dog parks include community water dishes, although they are typically rather filthy. Your dog could get sick after drinking water from a shared bowl since certain dangerous dog diseases are transmitted by saliva. To guarantee that your dog is healthy and properly hydrated, you can bring your own water bowl.

4. Don't allow your dog to lunge at people or other dogs

Although some people find dog hugs and licks to be impolite and intimidating, dog people adore them. Take care of your pet to avoid upsetting people and frightening other animals in the park. For your dog to behave nicely at all times while you are in the park, maintain a firm pack leader position and spend time on basic training.

5. After your dog poops, scoop the poop

Have you ever taken your dog to a dog park and unintentionally trodden in dog waste? It's a wonderful sensation, isn't it? Furthermore, no matter how much you love your dog, seeing excrement lying in the open is never a nice sight. Therefore, even if you're pressed for time, always pick up after your dog. When leaving the park, clean up your dog's waste with poop bags.

6. Puppies Should Not Be Brought During Heat Hours

Never bring very young pups to dog parks if they haven't had the necessary vaccinations against common illnesses. Many parasites and illnesses may be found at dog parks. It is therefore advisable to leave your young pet at home.

7. Give your dog an identification tag

Taking your dog outside without an identifying tag is never a good idea. In the unlikely event that your dog does manage to get out of the park, the tag will guarantee that you will be reunited.

8. Vaccinate your dog

Make sure your dog has had all recommended vaccinations before taking him to a dog park. Vaccinating your dog or dogs is crucial since infections may be present in bowls, water, dirt, and even the air in public parks.

9. Don't Be Rude to Strays

Dog parks may be a place for our furry friends to have fun, but for some sad canines that are homeless, that location serves as their "home." Dogs are territorial by nature, so if a stray dog barks at you or your dog, remain cool. He most likely feels intimidated or terrified. You need to convince them that you don't pose a danger to them. So always bring some dog treats or biscuits with you when you go to a dog park.

Feed them to any stray animals you come across; eventually, they will begin to associate your presence with delectable goodies and may even start playing with your dog.

Are you acting lawfully, responsibly, as a pet parent, and as a citizen? When you go to a dog park the next time, make sure you abide by all of these dos and don'ts. Everyone will have a positive, secure, and pleasurable time at the dog park if these guidelines are followed.