Dog Sunburn During Summer: Signs and Prevention

Dog Sunburn During Summer: Signs and Prevention

The best thing about summer is that you get to enjoy a myriad of activities with your loving pooch. You can schedule a trip to the beach, exercise around the neighborhood, or play in your backyard. It’s so easy to find a fun bonding activity for you and your fur baby. However, summer is that time of the year when pooches struggle with all kinds of medical problems. This is because they get exposed to immense heat.

Some dogs suffer from heatstroke. Others battle skin problems such as sunburn. Learn everything you need to know about dog sunburn such as how it works, how you can prevent it, and what treatment options you can use.

Can dogs get sunburned? 

Just like their human counterparts, dogs can get burned by the sun too. Experts explain that some dog breeds are highly susceptible to suffering from sunburns. Generally, dogs with lighter color fur are prone to sunburns. The intense rays of the sun tend to reach the skin faster because of the light color of the coat. The same can be said for hairless pups. Without enough coverage on their skin, hairless canines become highly vulnerable to skin damage due to UV rays.

It’s important to note that even dogs with a thick coat can also suffer from sun damage. Be sure to check the hairless parts of their body such as the belly and nose. The skin would appear pinkish and inflamed when exposed to too much warmth of the sun. You might also notice blisters and skin peeling if you fail to treat the condition fast. 

How can you manage and prevent sunburn in dogs?

Having sunburns can be an irritating and horrible experience. That’s why if you suspect sunburns on your dog, you need to manage it as quickly as you can. Be extra careful when you treat the burns. To ease the pain, spray cool water on the skin. You can also apply a cold compress onto the affected area. 

If you sport breakage on the skin, take your pet to the vet. The doctor will need to shave the area and apply topical creams. Applying products on broken or severely injured skin can result in further damages. See to it that you approach the situation properly. 

Besides treating sunburns, you should also know how to prevent them. You can start by avoiding unnecessary exposure to the sun. Schedule your playtime during the early hours of the day. If your dog has very sensitive skin, see to it that you apply sunscreen. Look for products specifically formulated for pooches. You can also try putting on UV protecting items on your dog such as shirts and dresses. 

Sploot view: Dog sunburn is manageable and preventable!

It’s not fun to have sunburns, especially during summertime. Your dog might miss the opportunity to play around with his or her fur buddies That’s why you should protect your dog from the harmful rays of the sun at all costs. Dog sunburn is totally preventable and manageable. As long as you know the basic things, you can surely avoid this annoying issue. Go through the tips and tips shared above and take full advantage of them. This way you get to enjoy a fun summer vacation with your pets.