Dog leash training can always be a tedious task, especially if not started at the right time. This might result in irritated and intolerant behaviours in their pets. It’s an important skill to teach, and one you’ll value every time you take your dog out for a walk. 

Not just that even your dog will love the process if you follow the following steps;

  1. Start Early : 

As soon as the puppy starts growing, start the puppy leash training as it is always easier to train younger dogs. Make sure you get the leash of the right size and shouldn’t be too tight or too loose for your pet.

  1. Introduce The Leash To The Dog First Before Putting It On:

Leashes can always be intimidating to your young furry friends. They will start fearing and stressing out, so start with letting your puppy sniff the leash first to build their confidence and trust. 

  1. Walk Around The House First: 

The first important part of leash training is making the dog familiar with the leash. So walk the dog around the house initially to make them amicable to the leash. Then if you want to refrain them from going to a certain place or entering a certain place, you should give the leash a gentle pull. This will help to mark the territory of the dog. 

  1. Start Going For Small Walks:

Once your pet gets familiarised with the leash, start taking your dog outdoors for shorter durations. Take the dog to places they have been to before as it would boost the confidence of the pet and will make them calm. You can also let your dog explore the environment by loosening the leash a little bit.

  1. Never Pull The Leash Aggressively:

Even at times where you want to mark territory or refrain your pet from doing things, always pull the leash gently. Pulling it aggressively will only scare them. 

If your dog starts pulling in the other direction, turn yourself into “a tree.” Stand very still and refuse to move until your dog comes back to you.

6. Make This A Routine: 

Make sure you take out your dog for leash training daily and make it a routine. Your puppy will get excited every time you pick up the leash.

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