Ew! My Dog Pees Near His Food Bowl

Ew! My Dog Pees Near His Food Bowl

There are plenty of odd and sometimes unpleasant dog behaviors. And oftentimes, these leave a lot of fur parents scratching their heads. A fine example of which is peeing near their feeding bowl. Have you ever noticed your dog doing that? Most likely, you’d find it a bit appalling. Butt, this practice can mean quite differently inside the mind of your favorite fur buddy. Find out more about why a dog pees while eating his/her meal as you read on.

Why Your Dog Pees Near His Bowl

The Canine Journal explains that dogs are highly territorial animals. They use their urine to mark objects or places to show their ownership. It’s common to see them peeing on new places they’ve explored, especially when other dogs around. In most cases, dogs that have not been spayed or neutered tend to exhibit this marking behavior.

Peeing can also result from extreme levels of anxiety. If your pack has a lot of members, you can also expect to see your dog become more competitive and territorial.

Urinary incontinence is also another possible reason for this unpleasant canine behavior. This might occur when a dog suffers from health problems such as hormonal imbalance, weakened bladder sphincter, prostate disorder, and urinary stones. 

If you suspect that your dog’s urinating problem is a symptom of a more sinister health concern, don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance.   


Dog Pees While Eating – How to Stop It

It’s unhygienic to use a urine-marked feeding bowl. So, aside from cleaning them thoroughly before the next meal, you should also consider correcting the peeing behavior. The key to doing that is understanding its root cause. Is your dog feeling territorial because he has a lot of other dogs to compete with? Do you think the issue is a symptom of a disease or health condition?

You should also consider having your dog spayed or neutered. It will help prevent or at least minimize urine-marking. If you have a lot of dogs in your household, consider placing the feeding bowls in separate places. This way, your dogs won’t feel anxious when they’re eating.

If the issue is caused by an underlying disease, have your pet checked. The vet can help you figure out what to do. If it’s caused by urinary tract infection the doctor might recommend either making a few adjustments to the diet or undergoing medical treatment. Other issues such as bladder sphincter problems may call for more serious medical intervention.

Sploot View: It Can Be Solved

Dog urine can contain all kinds of toxic materials that can cause various illnesses to your beloved pooch. It can also have a very unpleasant smell that can cause discomfort not only to your canine buddy but to the rest of the members of your pack.

Some dogs pee around the house, while others tend to urinate near or on their bowls. If you’re wondering why a dog peels while eating, then you should pay close attention to the details of the problem. How often does it happen? What triggers it? Is it a symptom of a serious urinary tract problem? Do you need a vet’s help? Understanding the root cause is crucial to finding the most effective approach.