Fact or fiction: your dog needs a haircut

Fact or fiction: your dog needs a haircut

Dogs need regular grooming sessions. Their nails, ears, teeth, hair- everything needs to be taken care of. And when it comes to getting them a haircut, the answer will always vary on the breed of your dog. In general, getting them a haircut is always a good idea. Let’s have a look at some things which will help you make an informed decision.

1. Trimming is always good

There is a difference between completely shaving your dog and trimming their hair. Shaving means making them too short, Which you should never do unless the vet has advised you. 

2. Bare skin can cause infections

The more bare the skin is, the more are the chances of sunburn and other infections. Fur acts as a protective shield. 

3. Prim the hair if they are below the belly

If the fur is below the belly i.e. you can see it hanging below it- you can prim it. As such, labs, boxers, indies, and bulldogs don’t need haircuts. 

4. Trimming helps keep your dog healthy

This is because it prevents mats and knots. If the hair gets wet, they’ll get itchy, then the dogs will lick them, which increases the risk of infection

5. Ask a professional groomer for guidance

A professional groomer must know the specific haircut that your dog needs according to his breed. Sit and talk to him/her. This will not just be about the looks but also where the hair should be more and where they should be less, according to the dog’s needs

6. Brush their fur every day 

Brushing helps in a lot of ways. It prevents shedding all over the house, improves blood circulation,  and at the same time, you will be able to examine your dog better.

To sum up, trimming your dog’s hair helps the dog, and it also reduces your work. You can update your dog’s grooming schedule on the Sploot app, and forget about the stress of missing out on anything related to your dog.