Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

Benefits of Fresh Dog Food

Everyone understands the benefits of consuming fresh food, but what about our dogs? Many of our dogs continue to eat manufactured wet meals, dangerous fad diets like raw, and crunchy kibble packed with additives we can't even begin to name while human diets have undergone a healthy transformation. What persuades us to reconsider and change the meals of our dogs? Here are some of the scientifically validated advantages of a fresh dog food diet, in addition to our fundamental awareness that fresh foods are "better" than processed meals.

1. More vigour.

A dog's digestive system may find it challenging to properly break down and extract nutrients from overly processed diets (such as kibble, packaged wet food, and freeze-dried), which results in a lot of food going in one end and out the other. Because fresh ingredients are easier for the body to digest, your dog's body may derive more energy from the food they consume. Your dog will have more readily accessible energy to use when necessary as a result. You'll see a happier puppy that has greater stamina for longer walks, hikes, and park playtime!

2. Coats with more shine.

Any fresh dog food diet must include healthy oils since they immediately make a dull coat shiny. A lustrous, smooth coat is only a pleasant by-product of the combination of oils included in fresh dog food diets like that from sploot, which offer several health advantages.

3. Better skin health.

You've probably heard fresh food recommended as a natural treatment if your dog has allergies or any kind of skin disease. When derived from entire foods rather than being just provided as synthetic supplements added to another type of diet, nutrients like zinc, B vitamins, and fatty acids that are contained in fresh dog food diets can soothe and heal many skin issues in dogs. On a fresh dog food diet, this advantage may often be noticed in as little as a month!

4. Healthier, more vibrant eyes.

Fresh dog food diets are rich in vitamin A, which is very simple for our puppies to consume. As absurd as it may sound, brighter eyes are a frequently cited advantage of fresh dog food and indicate improved overall eye health. Kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach are rich in vitamin A. To get the most vitamins from your diet, choose bright vegetables!

5. Less waste and stools that are firmer.

Since fibre sources are sometimes less expensive than other ingredients, many processed foods incorporate excessive amounts of fibre (basically any non-protein sources supply fiber). Despite the fact that fibre is crucial, there is such a thing as too much good. A certain amount of fibre causes your dog's body to become too preoccupied with breaking it down to absorb further nutrients from the diet. Colon cancer and other conditions affecting the digestive tract might result in the long term from this. Fiber in a healthy, fresh diet only comes from natural sources; processed foods' harmful levels of 10 percent crude fibre are never reached. As a result, less of the food merely goes through the dog and more of it is really utilised. Your dog's faeces will seem smaller and firmer on a fresh dog food diet! Facilitating pick-up time a little bit...

6. Less visits to the veterinarian

Your dog's immune system is maintained by the abundant vitamins found in fresh vegetables (Vitamin A, C), as well as freshly cooked meats (Zinc). Immune system upkeep makes your dog feel better every day while significantly reducing vet visits. Fresh dog food diets (free of the artificial additives that cause these conditions) also provide relief for dogs with chronic conditions like allergies, skin irritation, or sensitive tummies, and they report fewer expensive visits to the veterinarian. Imagine all the squeaky balls you could buy with the money you'll save!

7. Life-quality.

Why shouldn't your best buddy eat like you do? Among all the advantages of feeding your dog fresh food, the best one is perhaps the happiness it brings us to see them eat genuine food with gusto! One of the greatest duties we can have is feeding the people we care about, and there's no better feeling than seeing our dogs devour food that we know is good for them (and tasty, too).

8. Mental tranquilly

Never again worry what's in your dog's food; instead, view entire, fresh ingredients and rest easy knowing that there are no artificial additives, preservatives, chemicals, or fillers in your dog's bowl. Perhaps the biggest advantage is having peace of mind.

Giving your dog good homemade dog food is a necessity, and every pet parent should follow this. We here at sploot provide our fellow parent with the best quality of yummy food every pet will love and cherish always. With some secret ingredients and some love, the food we serve is perfect to keep our dogs healthy!