German Shepherd: Grooming

German Shepherd: Grooming

Different dogs have different grooming requirements. Grooming doesn’t only mean the outer appearance, it also affects your dog’s overall health. Infact, a clean dog ensures a healthy environment for you as well. To keep a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) healthy and shining, here are a few things that you should take care of.

Brushing their fur

A German Shepherd has a  double coat of fur which requires brushing every day. A GSD is known to shed a lot of hair. That is the reason they are also called German Shedders. If you brush them everyday, you can make sure that you won’t see their hair lying around all over your house.

A GSD sheds hair throughout the year, and during warmer climates, they shed their complete undercoat. During these times, it becomes even more important to brush them everyday so that they don’t get mats or tangles. 

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A German Shepherd needs bathing only once in three to four months. Excessive bathing takes away the essential oils from their skin and may cause skin problems. Since they have a very thick coat make sure that you rinse off the shampoo well. It will also take a lot of time for their fur to dry, so you can also use a hair dryer specially meant for dogs.

Brushing the teeth

A GSD’s teeth can develop plaque due to the food that they eat. You should constantly check their teeth and brush them using dog toothpaste. Make sure that you don’t brush them harshly, as it may affect their teeth and gums. Another way to keep their teeth healthy is by feeding them hard food like cookies or kibble. 

Trimming the nails

Overgrown nails can cause injury to your dog and you. Check their nails once every week and cut them using a dog nail clipper, so that you don’t over cut them. As such a GSD has black nails which makes it even more difficult. 

A dog’s nail has a quick i.e. a live tissue. If you cut that, the nail might start bleeding. To stop the bleeding, dip the nail in styptic powder. If the bleeding doesn’t stop you will have to visit a vet. If you are unsure about cutting your dog’s nails it is better to seek professional help.

Some dogs might not be accustomed to you touching their teeth or nails. You can get them into this habit by gradually touching their mouth and toes.

Cleaning the ears

Over cleaning the ears can cause infections. So, you have to be very careful. Check their ears once every week and if you feel they are smelly, waxy, or have debris deposited in them, you should clean the ears. To clean them, take an ear cleaning solution recommended by the vet, pour it, gently massage the base of the ear and clean it using soft cloth or cotton. 

Grooming is the only time when you can closely inspect your dog’s skin. This time can actually prevent any serious infections or injuries in your dog. So make sure you are regular. To ensure that, you can also set up reminders for each grooming task on the Sploot app