Grooming Essentials - How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in the Summer?

Grooming Essentials - How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in the Summer?

The summer season tends to be very hot. And it’s also the best time of the year to enjoy all sorts of activities with your dog. However, oftentimes, the hot weather causes problems to many pooches. That’s why dog owners often ask “how often should I bathe my dog in the summer?” Some wonder if they need to bathe their dogs every day or once every week. Others wonder if they even need to bathe their pooches. 

Truth be told, there’s no simple way to answer the question. The discussion below will help you understand which is the best option for your dog.

It’s All in the Coat

One of the biggest factors that you should look into when deciding how often you should bathe your pup is the type of coat. Take note that hairless breeds such as the Argentina Pila dog and the American hairless terrier require the most mane maintenance. These dogs need to take a bath every week.

If you have a dog with long and plush fur such as the collie or Afghan hound, you can have them groomed and bathed every two weeks. For dogs with medium-length mane, you can have their fur washed every four weeks. If he or she isn’t that playful, you can even schedule the bath every 6 weeks.

Check for Special Conditions

Besides the coat, it’s also important to look into conditions such as skin irritation, mange, flaky skin, and acral lick granuloma. If your dog has skin problems or other medical conditions, it’s crucial to ask for the advice of a veterinarian. Your pooch might need to use special products when taking a bath in order to manage his/her condition. Also, there may be specific procedures that you need to follow when taking care or grooming your doggy. 

Besides bathing your dog, you should also schedule regular grooming. Summer is a great time to be in the outdoors. So you should expect to see muddy paws and nails. Cut their nails and brush their fur to remove filth or dirt.

Take into Consideration Your Dog’s Lifestyle 

In general, it’s okay for dogs to bathe your dog once a month even during the summer season.  But you can always give your pooch a light sponge bath. It will help remove dust and mud especially if you have a playful fur baby. Using a damp washcloth on your dog will also help with the temperature. If you feel like your dog is too dirty or too smelly, then you should definitely schedule a good rubdown.  

Sploot View: Trust Your Sight and Smell

If all else fails, trust your sense of sight and smell. If your dog looks visibly dirty and smells – give them a wash!

We hope our discussion above provided you with enough insights on the topic “how often should I bathe my dog during summer?” As the summer season draws near, take note of the key tips provided. See to it that you understand how to perform proper fur maintenance. Also, make sure that you use the right product. 

If you think your dog is having a hard time with the hot weather, you can resort to some of the following methods to cool him/her down:

  • Use a wet towel or perhaps an ice pack
  • Offer frozen snacks while walking
  • Carry water for your dog and a collapsible dish 

What other things would you like to know about helping your dog enjoy summer?