Some vets tricked us into getting unnecessary vaccinations and charged us huge amounts!

Some vets tricked us into getting unnecessary vaccinations and charged us huge amounts!

Welcome back to the Hoomans of sploot series! Let’s do a little recap of why we started this series.

In an effort to recognise pet parents who're doing an amazing job we decided to speak to a few members of the sploot community. Little did we know about the kinds of amazing stories we'll come across. Not one, not two - but all of these stories deserved to be written and shared. That's precisely how Hoomans of sploot started. Every month, we will feature pet parents who have interesting stories about how they became a dog parent and share it with the community.

Coming back to this week’s Hoomans of sploot, read on to know about Rohit and his dog Joey.

Here’s what Rohit has to say:

“Joey, my 6-month old Golden retriever, came into our lives as a birthday present for my brother. He had always wanted a dog and we were finally independent of our parents’ restrictions, so we decided to take up this responsibility out of a childhood whim. Little did we know, of course, that pet-parenting entails a lot more than initial care, and is a huge responsibility that becomes all the more difficult due to the lack of emphasis on its details and any accurate and reliable information for any new pet parent!

Initially, I was scouring through YouTube and Instagram for pet-parenting content, mostly in vain. There wasn’t a single platform where I could find everything I needed in order to improve as a pet-parent and provide for Joey completely. An example of this is veterinary consultations. Each vet had their own version of the vaccinations. Some vets tricked us into getting unnecessary vaccinations on Joey and charged us huge amounts. There were a lot of mixed opinions out there and a significant lack of clarity, which not only wasted our money but also drained us physically, mentally and emotionally. There was no support from our parents in the beginning, since they were against the idea of bringing Joey home. Hence, things were getting extremely difficult emotionally, financially and logistically.

Due to my parents, also, we decided that we had to get Joey trained since he couldn’t pee or poop in the house. We started with Canine training which helped me communicate with Joey better and understand him in ways that I couldn’t before. It increased the levels of communication and understanding between us and among us as a family as well. This one day, we had to leave Joey alone at home with our dad. And while we were dreading the whole thing, it turned out to be so much better. They got along quite well, which was because Joey loves to butter and flatter my father too much. He knows very well who the head of our family is, and always wants to be in his good books.

The bond between Joey and my parents is not the best, but he has taught us that our parents can be a little flexible with their rules if we, the children, take full responsibility for the decisions we make and learn throughout the process. He is the hope of our lives, along with being my annoying alarm clock who’s always up by 5 in the morning to go out for a walk. He would also remind me at exactly 3 pm to feed him lunch, and do anything in his capacity in exchange for a treat or for some food.

We could have a whole separate section discussing Joey’s love for food, but let’s just say, we named him Joey (the character from FRIENDS who was absolutely territorial of his food), because he also is incapable of sharing his food and could INHALE his food before anybody else could lay eyes on it.

I’m so grateful for having Joey in our lives, because he has taught me more than I could have imagined. He’s our stress-buster, and has made a permanent place for himself in our family. And I’d also like to acknowledge sploot’s efforts in creating a platform for pet-parents to have easy access to important information related to pet-parenting. I think this is extremely important, considering the ambiguity in the pet-parenting scene in India and how people in the pet-industry gnaw at the naivety of new pet-parents.”

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