How Do My Dog’s Nutritional Needs Change Over Time?

How Do My Dog’s Nutritional Needs Change Over Time?

What is that one rule you abide by when feeding your dog? One thing we all do is giving our puppy four meals a day, and then reducing it to two meals, once he is six months old. But is quantity everything that matters?

Arpita, canine nutritionist at Eternal Canine, told us that the nutritional requirements of a dog change as he grows from a puppy to an adult to a senior dog. Here is what they require according to their age:

1. Puppies need a lot of calories

Their caloric needs are three times more than their adult counterparts. This is because they metabolise food quickly, and grow in their sleep too.

2. Calcium levels need to be taken care of

Dogs and puppies need calcium to strengthen their bones, just like humans. But calcium alone is not sufficient. Vitamin D is required so that the calcium is absorbed properly.

3. The minerals should be balanced

The quantity of Vitamin D and vitamin E should be taken care of. Equally important is the calcium to phosphorus ratio, especially in the medium and large breeds. 

Manganese is another vital nutrient which should be a part of the dog’s diet.

4. Meal plan should change every 3-4 weeks according to the dog’s age

Caloric and nutrient needs keep increasing when the puppy is growing, because with growth their weight also increases, and more calories are needed to support their growth.

Similarly, an adult dog who is super active will have different requirements from a senior dog who can’t be physically very active. The senior dog will need a diet that prevents obesity, and at the same time, provides all the essential nutrients too. 

To make sure that your dog is getting all the nutrients, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist and get a meal plan that is suitable to your dog’s needs. (A bonus will be- all your dog’s medical records uploaded on the Sploot app, which will be of great help to the nutritionist.)

Want a balanced meal plan customised for your dog? Reach out to us! In collaboration with Eternal Canine, we will create a 100% balanced comprehensive meal plan for your dog.