Want To Become A Professional Canine Trainer? Here's How!

Want To Become A Professional Canine Trainer? Here's How!

You’ll jump when you hear what we have to say. You can earn for being with dogs! Yes, that’s right! Anand Vishwanath left his corporate job to be with dogs; and today, he is the proud pack leader of Anvis Inc, helping dog parents to train their dogs, relocate them, and also coaching individuals to become canine trainers.

 If you also want to pursue this as a career option, here is how you can get started.

1. Interest and passion play a key role

 If you love dogs and can never get tired of being around them, you know that you have already nailed this point.

2. Have little understanding of pets

If you have already been with dogs and have some understanding of how to be with them,   it becomes easier. Otherwise it can be an uphill task. 

3. Get certified

There are many places from where you can get certified as a canine trainer. You can enroll in one of the courses, and learn from them.  Anvis Inc is one such organisation for the same.

4. Pay equal attention to theory and hands-on practice

Knowing about a dog’s behaviour, diet requirements, and grooming needs is very necessary.  This is something that you will have to learn from various resources like books, videos, or attending workshops. 

Equally important is to practice them with a dog. For example, you will need theory to understand that calming down a stressed dog will only reinforce the stress. But you will need hands-on practice to know how to deal with it. 

5. Keep learning

Learning never stops! So, learn from whichever resource possible. John Rogerson, Rajvi from Citizen K9, and Scott Sheaffer are some canine trainers that Anand (from Anvis Inc), and Nidhi (from Doggiversity) learned from.

And once you are a trainer, you will realise how important routine and timings are for a dog.  and to make sure you stick to them, set up reminders on the Sploot app and be the best one out there!