How to take care of stray dogs during the summer?

How to take care of stray dogs during the summer?

The scorching summer heat in Delhi has already kicked in, and one can already predict how hot it will become in the following months. While we may have a roof over our heads and air conditioning to keep us comfortable, our furry pals on the streets will not. There’s a lot for you to do, which will  assist them and make sure they don’t have to face the summer sun alone. Simply follow these easy guidelines to provide the ‘coolest’ summer experience for stray dogs and cats. Read on to know how you can care for stray dogs near you! 

Construct a temporary dog-shelter for the summer

Stray shelters aren’t common in all seasons, but they’re extremely helpful during the summer months. While plastic and mattress-lined shelters are ideal for the cooler months, you’ll need to create cooling and roomy shelters for the summer. 

Here’s an easy way we found online, to make a dog shelter. Just remember to make the shelter in a cool location and large enough to avoid trapping heat.

“For the shed’s lining and floor, use a khus chataai (grass mat), and for the shelter’s walls, use cardboard and fabric. You can even use moist towels and blankets to chill them off in the afternoon” – Animal Rights Campaigner. 

Always have plenty of water on hand

When it’s hot outside, it’s common for animals to become dehydrated, so always have water available for them. Use terracotta bowls for drinking water since they allow water to stay colder longer than other materials. To minimise waterborne diseases, be sure to clean and replace the water on a regular basis, and avoid adding severely chilly water.

Make sure they’re well fed

It’s critical to provide your animal pals with the proper nourishment during summers. Fruits are a simple and delightful way to do so. Watermelons, muskmelons, cucumber, soft coconut, or other hydrating fruits are good choices because they aren’t too heavy for the strays and help keep the water balanced. Avoid feeding them milk during the summer since it goes bad easily.

Coats should be trimmed

Inquire with your veterinarian about trimming a stray’s coat during the summer. Heavy jackets may be a significant concern and could even cause a heat stroke. If they have a short coat, some strays also may need sunscreen to protect their skin from sunburns. 

Keep an eye out for infections and burns

Strays may easily burn their paws on hot asphalt outside, so keep an eye out for indications of burns and treat them with the appropriate ointments. You might also take the stray to the vet every now and again to avoid ticks, fleas, and heartworm. 

Before driving away, inspect the undercarriage of your vehicle

During the summer months, stray dogs and cats are often found seeking shelter under vehicles to stay cool. When you start your car, make sure there isn’t a stray animal resting below it, or that could severely injure them. 

Here’s an article by PETA if you want to learn more about what you can do!

Taking care of the stray animals around you goes a long way, and every effort counts! Try to do as much as you can for these fur babies. Small things like feeding them, petting them or putting out water for them makes their lives easier.