I am moving overseas. How do I take my dog along?

I am moving overseas. How do I take my dog along?

A life without your dog is unimaginable! So naturally, the first thought you’d get when moving overseas would be- How do I take my dog along? For one of our Instagram Live sessions (@wesploot) on ‘Better Pet Parenting’, we had Anand Vishwanath from Anvis Inc. Being someone who helps with relocation of pets, he told us the three possible ways through which you can relocate your dog with you.

1. As accompanied baggage

This is the fastest way. You just have to go to the passenger terminal with your pet, and check it in. The pet will travel on the same flight as you, but will be checked-in in the hold of the aircraft. 

Now, when you reach the destination, you can simply show the take-over documents and check them out. Some countries do not allow this method but it’s the fastest; as the handing over usually takes only around 2.5 hours.

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hum toh chale!

2. As manifest cargo

For this, you’ll have to check the pet in a cargo from the cargo terminal. This usually has to be done six hours earlier. However, everything like air conditioning, food etc. is taken care of. 

It is comparatively an elaborate process in terms of documentation and time. Because once you reach the destination, there will be things like needing field forwarders, or cargo clearance. The transit may take upto four hours, and a few more hours before the pet is handed over. But this method is used a lot more across the world.

There will be a lot of documents, medical records, and crate training required for these. To not miss the documents, or important dates and times, 1) upload the documents and, 2) set up a reminder for everything, on the sploot app.

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Sorry, can’t travel economy

3. Premium option

“This is one method that Anvis Inc has pioneered.” says Anand. If the pet parents can’t travel with the dog, the dog can be checked in with Anvis Inc, which then becomes its guardian. After this, everything from crate training, to getting all the documents ready is taken care of by them. 

“Some countries require a rabies test, or lepto test, or microchipping, endorsements on the certificates, and on a particular timeline. Since we know how to go about it, we will do all that in this option.” told Anand. Thereafter, the dog will travel with a trained relocator from Anvis Inc itself.