Dog Training is a Necessity: Here's Why

Dog Training is a Necessity: Here's Why

Imagine entering a house or an office where you have never been to before. No one tells you what you are expected to do; and when you commit a mistake, you are yelled at. Now imagine a puppy who has recently become a member of your family and he doesn’t know how to behave with this new family. This is where training comes into play.

Dog Training is all about communication

1.  It is similar to sending a child to school 

Children are sent to school because a) we want them to learn and b) we want them to know how to behave in a society and adapt to a particular culture. Similar to humans, dogs also behave and communicate, and thus need to be taught.

2. Tell it what is okay and what is not

“If we don’t tell the poor creature what we are okay with, how will it understand what it is expected to do?” says Anand Vishwanath from AnvisInc.

3. You will be living in such close proximity

The puppy will be in your house and your life for the next 15 years or so. You will be living with it in close proximity. It’s unfair to them if we don’t tell what is ok and what is not.

4. It is more of your training as well

Training a puppy is more about learning its behaviour yourself too. For example, when a puppy is stressed and you try to calm it down, you will just reinforce the stress. Now you won’t know this unless you undergo training with your puppy.

Do I need a dog trainer?

You don’t always need a trainer. You can train your puppy yourself too. It’s just that it will take more time and you can commit mistakes, which will not be the case with a trainer.

Either ways, it is important to be patient and consistent with the training. To do so, you can set up reminders on the sploot app and train your puppy efficiently.