Bringing Another Pet Home? Here's How To Get Ready!

Bringing Another Pet Home? Here's How To Get Ready!

More than one pet in a house! As exciting as it sounds, it’s not that easy. Vasundhara and Kunal from the KVAAB Welfare have three dogs, and two cats. Besides, they also foster other dogs at times. Now who could give us better tips on acquainting all your pets and living in harmony with them! Let’s check out all the tips they have for us.

1. Socialise your first dog

Let it meet new people as well as dogs. Socialize them with different types of dogs i.e. dogs of different breeds and different age groups. This will also give you a hint of what will be suitable for both of you. You can also try meeting cat parents to see their reaction.

2. Make them meet on a neutral ground first

Before bringing the second pet home, make your dog and the new pet meet in a neutral ground like a park. Take them for walks together, or organise a picnic with both of them at the same place.

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 I heard we living together now!)

3. Have the same schedule for both of them

This does not have to be in a confrontational manner. For example, let them have food at the same time but in different bowls and different areas, or take them for a walk at the same time.

When it comes to having a schedule, you can always put a reminder on the sploot app. Through this, you will never have to worry about missing out anything on your dog’s routine.

4. Don’t expect anything immediately

Both of them adjusting to each other will take time. So, take it slow. Gradually, you’ll observe both/all of them generating a pack behaviour by learning from each other.

5. If they are aggressive, it can be worked upon

Even in this scenario, there is nothing to fret about. With the help of a behaviorist, it can definitely be resolved. 

So, ready to have the overdose of joy? All the very best!