Ideal Grooming Routine for a Dog

Ideal Grooming Routine for a Dog

Who is the first person in your family to greet the guests? Obviously, the answer would be- my dog! Now you definitely want it to appear good. And that happens when you groom it well. But there is another advantage of grooming- maintaining the dog’s hygiene as well. From bathing, to cutting nails, to cleaning ears, a dog has several grooming needs. 

To take care of the basic ones, Manita from @thesunshinedog shared with us an ideal grooming routine for her dog that she follows. Let us have a look at it.

1. Brush their coat every day

Since dogs have long coats, they accumulate a lot of dead hair. Brushing them everyday not only gets rid of these hair but the dander also, which is a cause of many allergies.

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2. Schedule the grooming sessions post exercise time

Because by this time the dog is tired, so it is easy to handle them. If they are lying on one side, you can begin with brushing the other side, or cutting the toenails like that.

To plan the sessions properly, you can set up reminders on the Sploot app. You can schedule their bathing, nail clipping, or ear cleaning days according to the dog breed that you have.

3. Get a detangling spray and deodorizer

This will make your job easier. It will prevent any knots, and there will be less pulling. Manita recommends any spray from Heads Up For Tails. “Avoid those with no alcohol or parabens”. She says. And for deodoriser, she personally uses the Lavender from Happy Puppy Organic. Also, if you are brushing regularly, you don’t need a detangling spray everyday.

4. Reward good behaviour

Your dog should know that grooming is a good thing. And you can make it understand that by giving it treats, or cuddles, or words of appreciation right after the session.