Indian Spitz: All About Exercise

Indian Spitz: All About Exercise

That white fur ball is so small and is playful all the time! Does it even need to exercise? Surprisingly yes! Indian Spitz are a very active and intelligent dog breed. This is why they need to be occupied one way or the other. 

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They can exhaust themselves by playing in the house only, but their energy is too high. Plus, physical activity helps an Indian Spitz fight boredom. If your dog is six to eighteen months old, it is even more necessary that you take them for a walk every day for 20-25 minutes. Jogging or intense workout doesn’t suit them well, so a variation between fast and slow walking is good enough.

Indian Spitz make for really cute puppies!

As the dog starts to age, you can adjust the timing of the exercise and walk, depending on how active your dog is. You will be able to observe if it gets tired early. Make sure to not cut on the timing all of a sudden. You should do that gradually so that your dog gets time to adjust.

Also, when selecting a leash for these walks, make sure to choose the one in which the leash and collar fit the dog properly. On some days, you can also carry treats with you for the walks. This way, your dog will look forward to the walk times, and you can reward it when its behaviour is good.

You also have to keep in mind that an Indian Spitz gets bored very easily. So, try to make exercise time fun for him. To do this, you can have 5-6 minutes of fetching a ball or frisbee, when you go out for a walk. Or make it follow you while you slowly cycle along. To bring more variation, you can also take them for a swim occasionally

An Indian Spitz also needs mental exercises as much as it needs physical exercise.To involve it mentally, 

-You can get it a squeaky toy that makes noises. This will satisfy the urge of an Indian Spitz to chew (when it is tensed. Yes, they do that sometimes), and the noises will keep it distracted.

-You can also get a dispensing toy for it. These are basically puzzle toys in which you can hide treats, and the dog has to find its way to the treat. You have to, however, be careful because your dog might get frustrated if it is not able to find the food, and might destroy the toy.

Make sure your Indian Spitz gets their daily exercise!

If not exercised properly, their destructive behaviour would show up. They might start barking excessively, digging, chewing, or chasing. As much as their running around is cute, let’s accept we don’t want the house turned upside down.  To repeat it, they always have to be occupied! After all, that little packet has so much energy that it needs to be vented out in a positive manner. And exercise becomes even more important in such a case.