Indian Spitz: Breed Origins

Indian Spitz: Breed Origins

Remember “Tuffy” from Hum Apke Hain Kaun? That’s where the Indian Spitz got their fame from! And much deserved too.

Tuffy made everyone want an Indian Spitz!

Indian Spitz are a breed that is considered to be the most intelligent of them all. They are incredibly quick learners, and thus, easy to train. This is why they were widely used in circuses in the 1970s and 1980s.

You might also notice their resemblance to a Pomerarian, but it must be noted that Indian Spitz is very different. A Pomerarian is lighter, smaller, has a thick fur coat, and a flatter face. Also, the ears of a Indian Spitz are more pointed.

Pomeranians are lighter, smaller, have thicker fur, and a flatter face
Indian Spitz. See the difference? Notice the more pointed ears.

Their origin dates back to the 19th century when the occupying British introduced them. The German Spitz were bred for years to create a species that could cope with the hot and humid Indian climate, at the same time retaining the intelligence of the German breed. 

They became popular in the country after the Indian government imposed a restriction on the import of any foreign breed. Indiansthen, turned to the local breeds. Indian Spitz is a dog breed that is comfortable both in small apartments and large houses, so they were, and still are a go-to choice.

Gotta listen to Tuffy

And why not, apart from being intelligent, they are very sweet too. They love their family, and are great with children i.e. they don’t get annoyed easily. To top that, this breed can judge a person’s intention very easily, because they observe human behaviour. If they encounter any suspicious personality, be sure that they will alert you.

Basically, with a Spitz, you get a big package in a small packet, like literally. If they feel threatened by another dog, they will attack it, no matter how big that dog is. They are so fearless and size doesn’t scare them!

That’s probably why they have Small Dog Syndrome too. In this syndrome, small dogs try to act tough and dominant to compensate for their small size. This is the only drawback of an Indian Spitz. But if you train them well and establish your supremacy right from the beginning, they will obediently step back. Yes, you will have to tell them who the leader of the pack is!

Indian Spitz are small, but feisty!

Apart from the Small Dog Syndrome, kidney problems affect this breed. This is an inherited genetic issue, which arises because they were bred for a long time. Otherwise, it is a healthy breed and can live upto fourteen years.

Another interesting fact is that they are also linked to wolves, because they like to hunt rodents and pigeons; which is a similar trait to that of a wolf. Another similarity is that when they hunt, they bend their knees and slowly move towards the food, just as wolves do. 

No wonder they are clever! At the same time they are elegant, friendly, good natured, and have those pretty white irises that can be green or bluish. Can you just imagine the beauty of these little white fur balls! We definitely can, and we give our hearts to them!