Indian Spitz: Diet | What, How Much, When?

Indian Spitz: Diet | What, How Much, When?

Once you have a little white Indian Spitz, food will be your prime responsibility. More than anything else, this fur ball is going to be on your mind most of the time. A major concern is what to feed, and at what time. If you have questions about the diet of your Indian Spitz, this blog is for you. 

Make sure you’re feeding your Indian Spitz right!

Ideally, you should get the pup when it is at least two months old and free of feeding on their mother’s milk. Thereafter, make sure the meals are equally spaced, and follow this regime:

-From two months to three months, feed it four meals a day, 50-75 grams each

-From three months to six months, three meals a day, 75-100 grams each

From six months to a year, two meals, 125-250 grams each 

After they hit the first year, one meal of 250-300 grams in a day usually does the work. But some dogs prefer to have two small portions. So, you will have to observe your dog i.e. if it is leaving the meal, and coming back for it later, you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

Note: Just so you don’t forget, set up reminders on the Sploot app right away! Meal timings are very important for a dog’s health.

Now that the timing is fixed, let’s also look into what you can feed your Indian Spitz. The main nutrients that it will need are proteins which should be 25% of the meal (for tissues and muscles), glucids (for healthy growth), essential fatty acids (for immune and nervous system), calcium (for bones), and vitamins

This dog means business!

To get these nutrients into your dog’s diet, following are some types of foods that you can consider:

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

which is meat since Spitz are carnivores. This should form 6-8% of the dog’s weight, and should be distributed in 3 to 4 meals. However, it is a little difficult to get the right and clean meat and to give it in the right dosage; because of which the dog may choke or suffer from some bacteriological problem.

Homemade food

which is a good option for an Indian Spitz given that you balance all the nutrients properly. Otherwise, it can lead to obesity or sickness. Its meals should be one-third meat (or fish), one-third vegetables, and one-third rice. For added minerals, you can add powder or tablet supplements. 

Curd and Rice also make for a very good meal. Make sure you add a lot of curd in it. And if you give eggs, they should be hard boiled, with the shell removed, and cut into smaller pieces.

Dry Dog Food

is widely said to be the best food for an Indian Spitz, because in this the nutrients are rightly balanced, and you can control the portion size. Moreover, the storage is easy and you won’t have to get into the hassle of preparing something. But before buying a packet, make sure to read the ingredients and see that it includes all the essential nutrients.

For the diet of an Indian Spitz, the balance of nutrients is very important, and so are clean drinking water and clean food bowls. So dog parent, make the right choice for your dog, feed it well, and enjoy their healthy company!