Indian Spitz: Grooming in Important!

Indian Spitz: Grooming in Important!

The dog that plays the most, needs cleaning the most. So it goes without saying that an Indian Spitz would need regular grooming sessions. Oh wait, no need to get alarmed! Because they are the easiest to groom. Just 10-15 minutes everyday, and you are done. 

Your Spitz needs regular grooming!

Now when we say everyday, we don’t mean you have to bathe them everyday. In fact, bathing them once in one or two weeks is more than enough. The frequency will majorly depend on how clean your dog is. If they’re is not smelling bad, you can certainly postpone the bath. Because if you bathe your Indian Spitz too frequently, their skin and hair coat may dry out, thus taking away essential natural oils. 

Also, if you take your dog for a swim, this frequency of baths will be further reduced. But make sure that the water in which your dog swims is clean, and your dog stays in the shallow end. 

Bright and fluffy!

Another thing to note here is that they have big and long fur, so make sure that you rinse all the shampoo from the fur, or else dirt will stick to the soap residue. Because of this long hair, your dog might also get matted or tangled. Although Indian Spitz have straight hair, so the chances are less but in case tangles develop, gently comb downwards to break them. You can also use a grooming spray for intricate knots. 

Now that we are talking of that thick fur, do check it for ticks or pests everyday. And you might want to set up a reminder on the Sploot app for this one- their fur needs to be brushed regularly i.e. every day. This will help you in three ways-

(1) you will be able to monitor your dog’s skin for any wound or infection,

(2) it will reduce shedding, and you won’t see their hair all over the furniture, and

(3) their coat will be bright and shining all the time!

A well groomed Spitz is a happy Spitz

Since their coat is double-layered, make sure you use a double row brush which can reach the thick undercoat too. And no, you don’t need to get your dog’s hair cut by a professional. An Indian Spitz was bred to bear the Indian climate in the fur they were born with.

What however you will have to consider cutting are their nails. If your dog goes outdoors frequently, its claws will wear off naturally, but if they doesn’t, it is advisable to cut them using a dog nail trimmer.  When you hear their nails clicking on the floor and making that ‘tap tap’ sound, you’d know it’s time to cut them. You can also take help of a groomer or a vet for this. 

Apart from the nails, their ears and eyes must also be cleaned regularly to avoid any infections. When you notice your dog shaking its head excessively, or when the ears are smelling bad, clean them using an ear cleaner and a clean cloth. 

The best part is that Indian Spitz themselves like to stay clean, and it’s easy to groom them. Here’s to many happy grooming sessions!