Indies: are they the right dog for you?

Indies: are they the right dog for you?

So many types, so much diversity, the strongest, the most adaptable. Yep, we are talking about Indie dogs. The ones on the street who become a family, the ones who are mostly up for adoption, and mostly not adopted because they are not one of the famous breeds. 

But believe us, they are the most versatile, especially for a country like India. Let’s explore some more reasons for saying this.

1. They are extremely smart and good learners

This trait makes it easier to train them. They may sometimes get bored of the same training, and then they’ll need variety in the physical and mental stimuli. 

2. They are well suited for the Indian weather

Be it winters or summers, they adapt to both of them very easily. This is because of their survival and evolution over the years of being in this country. 

3. Their immune system is really strong

They have literally survived on their own. No regular checkups, vet visits or even a proper diet; yet they remain healthy. With very basic requirements taken care of, they thrive amazingly well.  

4. Indie dogs have minimal grooming needs

Shedding will not be a problem with them as they have very short coats. Bathing and brushing of their coats can be done occasionally since they are naturally clean dogs with almost zero body odor.

5. Exercising has to be a major part of their routine

Indies are very active dogs. Be it physical or mental, they need a good amount of stimulation for both types of exercises. 

6. They may take time to trust

Because of the conditions that they have been in,  it may take some time for the Indie dogs to completely trust you. But nevertheless, they are extremely loyal and understanding of human feelings.

7. They may need more socialization as compared to other dogs

This will be the case when they are not with you right from when they are a puppy. But there is nothing that training cannot resolve. 

8. They are all so unique in appearance

There are hardly any Indies who look similar. All of them have such unique appearances and not to mention, they are very good-looking too. 

If you think you would love to have a dog based on the above characteristics, then Indie dogs are the right option for you. What’s more,  you will actually be giving a home to someone who really needs it. And in return, you will get loads and loads of love.