Introducing new diet to your dog: A Guide

Introducing new diet to your dog: A Guide
Photo by Kabo / Unsplash

Before you decide to change and introduce your dog to a new diet, first you need to understand the calories intake based on your dog's age and weight of your dog for a happy, healthy life.

The feeding guide below will help you get a clear picture on the standard calorie intake for your dog according to its weight and age!

After knowing the calories intake required for your dog, start the transition period from their old diet to the new one slowly and easily. A drastic change in the diet of your dog can lead to various gastric problems. Follow our transition guide below to introduce a new diet for your doggo and make him happy, healthy and fit!

That's all you need to know before you start your doggo on this new diet. If they're already on a similar food diet, the switch should be easier.

If you notice any symptoms that could suggest that your dog is not taking well to the new food, stop the food and consult a vet - like humans, dogs too react differently to different food.

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Bon appetite!