Is it safe to have pets with babies?

Is it safe to have pets with babies?

It sounds like a dream come true, raising babies and dogs together, but is it safe? 

With a little caution, of course many pets are tolerant of little children, it’s still necessary to be aware of the risks to your child. You can take steps to keep your kid safe, especially as and when they start crawling and walking.

While your baby is still small, you should be able to keep him/her and your dogs apart for the most part. Pets should not be allowed in the room where they sleep, and you should never let a pet share a bed with your kid.

Always introduce a new infant to your pets in a gentle manner. When you first bring a new baby home, your dogs may be jealous. When you have the opportunity, try to give your dog some extra attention so that it knows you still care about it.

Dogs are likely to be intrigued as well. Keep in mind that when your baby arrives, your dog may respond in unexpected ways.


Cats aren’t generally jealous, but the warmth of a baby’s cot attracts them. When your infant is in the pram or stroller, use a cat net or protective net. This is very useful while visiting a park. Even if you don’t have a cat of your own, stray cats and neighbours should be considered. 

When newborns and children are present, dogs require constant supervision. Even though your pet is trustworthy, if a toddler pulls its tail or pokes its eye, it may lose patience. Even the most easy going dogs can get irritable at times, and you must remember that kids make mistakes!

If a child teases or hurts a cat, it will usually flee, but some cats will scratch and bite. Young children are frequently injured by their own pets. Your child may unintentionally urge your dog to chase and bite them. Although most dog bites are minor, keep a watch on how your children and pet interact.

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You might discover that using a safety gate to keep your dogs and youngsters away, at least for a portion of the time, is beneficial. Stair gates can also protect your child from animal food and litter pans. If you have a garden, it might be fenced to create a safe space for children and a separate area for pets. If your pet has access to the entire garden, you may need to inspect it for poop. Before letting your youngster outside, clean up any pet excrement or use a poop scooper.

Check with your veterinarian to see how often you should deworm your dogs. De-worming tablets and other pet drugs should never be left where your infant can reach them.

Additionally, if you’re thinking about getting a pet for your child, a rabbit is a good choice because it doesn’t have to live in the house all of the time. These pets can be kept in cages on balconies or in gardens. Under your supervision, your youngster can visit them and play with them for brief amounts of time. You might want to consider getting a cat or dog after your children are older and understand the importance of treating animals with respect.

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Not all dogs are necessarily a threat to your baby, but being careful around both the babies of the house can never be a snag. As kids grow older, dogs are the best companion a human can have – they’re called man’s best friend for a reason!