Is packaged kibble/Pedigree good for my dog?

Is packaged kibble/Pedigree good for my dog?

How many times have you bought a box of dog food and thought “Is this packaged food good for my dog?” We know, as a pet-parent, your dog’s health and well being is forever on your mind, and you are always wondering if what you are doing is right or not.

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To address the one at hand, we had Nidhi from Doggiversity give us her opinion. She has been training dogs for years now, and this is what she has to say about feeding them.

1.Feed them what is convenient for you. 

Due to your busy life, if you can’t cook every meal for them, feed kibble. The only thing here would be that some brands might not be very responsible in what they put in the kibble. So, choose carefully.    

2.Share your food with your dog. 

Not from your table though. Whatever you eat, share the same with your dog, excluding sugar and salt. You can use turmeric and coconut though. To put it more simply- share the ingredients, not the recipe. 

The plus point- you’ll end up eating healthier.

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– nope, not allowed to a dog-parent

3.If it smells good, you can give it to your dog. 

That’s one thumb rule that you can stick to. 

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4.Mix up foods

Dogs are not fussy eaters, because originally they used to fend for themselves. So, you don’t need to stick to one thing. This will also ensure that they are getting all the necessary nutrients.

Bonding with your dog is very important, and food is one way through which you can do that, is one idea even John Rogerson supported. 

You can level up on this bonding! Let us tell you how. Set up reminders on the Sploot app for feeding your dog. Feeding them on time will make them trust you more. Not to mention, it’s good for their overall health too.