Is my dog fit?

Is my dog fit?

Many of us are often worried if our little babies are fit or not, both physically and mentally. Just like we keep ourselves fit it is important to worry about the fitness of our pets too. We in India unfortunately are not very well aware about pet fitness, and this proves to be even more difficult with the busy schedule. An unfit pet is unfortunately also prone to many diseases during a later part of their life and can lead to a very traumatic end of the journey for them. To help you out today we at sploot have an informative way for you to keep your little ones fit and healthy.

First and foremost it is very important to realize just walking your pet on a daily basis doesn’t exactly make it fit, there are various other activities which need to be inserted in your and your pets schedule for them to live a fit or healthy life.


• Daily training and interactive play

Introduce children to stimulating new toys, and dispose of old toys as they wear out. A puzzle ball filled with snacks is a terrific method to keep them occupied while you are away. Maintain a regular training programme to keep directives fresh in their minds, and provide activities that keep them cognitively busy, such as retrieving or problem solving. The repetition of orders establishes a deep link with your dog, the development of desirable behavioural qualities, and clear communication.

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• Your fur ball socializing with other fur balls

Play dates, dog parks, and neighborhood walks may all help your pup’s social abilities. When dogs are socialized, they acquire better coping abilities, which fosters trust and strengthens your bond. They will be less prone to go out of control among other animals if they have more opportunities to socialize. Canines are highly sociable creatures that require emotional stimulation from other dogs to flourish.

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• Annual veterinary visits

Plan frequent vet appointments to ensure that your dog is up to date on all immunizations, boosters, and physical examinations. A brief examination may give you peace of mind that your furry friend is in good health. The veterinarian may notice subtle indications that could indicate more serious difficulties, but a simple check-up can give you peace of mind that your furry companion is in good health. Consult your veterinarian about the optimal care plan for your dog.

• Outdoor activities are damn important

Watch your dog’s excitement grow as they enjoy the outdoors with you and explore their surroundings. Check to learn how much activity their breed needs each day before starting on your next excursion. Consider including more strenuous exercise in your dog’s routine if he or she is a very active breed. It is also critical to be aware of the climate in which you reside. Pay special attention to your dog’s hydration levels in warmer weather, and in colder weather, provide a few interesting indoor activities for when you’re snowed in.

• Feeding habits

It is very important to realize when their baby is growing overweight and when to stop feeding them excessively. Overweight is a very common cause of death in most dogs in India. Always pampering the little one and giving them something or the other every time they ask for it can prove to be very fatal in the future. You should consult your doc for an animal nutritionist for more details on what and how much to feed your kiddo.

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• The owners nature

Your nature around your pet is the key to their nature and behavioural patterns, as it is commonly said a dog takes on from his owner, it is proved to be true. Just like your own child, the atmosphere you keep and bring up your pet in, is very important and hugely affects their mental health. Therefore, no matter what, keep a calm and positive environment around your dog! Your daily interaction with your dog also widely alters their moods and mental health. Love the little one like you would your own child.