Kibble vs Homemade food. Which is better?

Kibble vs Homemade food. Which is better?

“Kibble takes care of all the nutrient requirements of a dog.” Isn’t that a statement we hear often? But have you ever thought if it is entirely true? 

Arpita from the Eternal Canine is a canine nutritionist, and she clarified a lot of myths for us, around dog food. 

Is kibble good for my dog?

Imagine having packaged potato chips every day. They will have all the nutrients you need, but in the end, they are synthetic nutrients. Same is the case with kibble. 

Although it has all the nutrients, in the longer run, they will be detrimental for the dog’s health. There is also a myth that premium kibble is better than a basic one. But there again, the processing is high, which means that additional synthetic nutrients have to be added. 

Moreover, the packaged food has artificial colouring, preservatives, and palatable flavoring. When you are thinking of regular and longer consumption, that won’t do much good to your dog’s health.

In fact, there has been a study between kibble and raw food, where it has been established that the quantity of microbiomes is higher in raw food, which is good for the dog’s gut health.

Can I feed homemade food to my dog?

When it comes to feeding homemade food to the dog, the basic thing that you will need is- discipline and planning. 

The best way to approach this would be to plan the meals on the weekend. And how do you do that effectively? Use the Sploot app! Set up reminders for every meal that you plan to feed your dog!

Another thing to take into consideration is that there are things that lack in a home-cooked meal. For eg. if you are including a lot of carbs, it’s not advisable. And adding a multivitamin pill will not suffice for everything either. Same way, if you are feeding meat, there will still be a lot that is lacking. So, you’ll need to balance it all. 

Any deficiency in food makes a huge impact, especially on a puppy’s health. A puppy needs a well balanced diet which aids in its growth and development.

Final verdict

With the help of a nutritionist, you can get a well-balanced diet plan, according to your dog’s breed, lifestyle, health status, and other such factors. It can combine kibble, as well as home-cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, as per the nutritionist’s advice.

Psst – wondering where to start with a balanced meal plan? Talk to us!