Labrador Origins: The Friendliest Dogs Around

Labrador Origins: The Friendliest Dogs Around

Labradors were not always what they are!

Aren’t Labradors one of the most sought-after breeds of dogs? The most loving, affectionate, and friendly of them all! 

However, that was not the only reason why they were bred in the first place. Newfoundland was a place in Canada where fishing was a major trade and sport. Back in the 1800s, the smaller water dogs were bred with the Newfoundlands (a dog breed too); and that is where this breed originated from (and not from Labrador, duh). 

The best dogs to play catch with!

Labradors had oily fur which repelled water, and webbed feet; that made them suitable to jump and swim in the water. They would pull out fish nets or the fish that would fall off the hook. When a few people from England visited Newfoundland, they noticed these labradors and no surprise, fell in love with them. So much so that they brought a few back home with them. Initially, however, they were called lesser Newfoundland. It was later that Earl of Malmesbury started calling his dog a Labrador, that this name became famous.

The people started using Labrador Retrievers in hunting and farming too. Soon, their population grew, and in no time, Labs had become one of the favorites among the people of England. No wonder, their affectionate, intelligent, and outgoing qualities charm everyone even today.

Labradors loooooove water

Even though being charming by nature, Labradors are in fact very active. That is one of the reasons they need to be actively exercising. Well no, the weather would be no excuse to keep them inside because they have this short, dense, weather resistant coat, which has two layers. The topcoat is thick, and the undercoat is water resistant. Probably why they love water so much!

Even if not for the coat, when they look at you with those kind friendly eyes, there is no way you’ll be able to say ‘no’ to them. So, taking them outdoors is bound to happen!

Now, if you are thinking that with all this love, they would be super clingy. Here’s a surprise- they don’t really suffer from any separation anxiety, given that you train them from a young age. 

And talk of trainability- they are highly trainable. This is not only because they are intelligent, but also because they have a willing and co-operative nature. This is one of the reasons they are commonly used as sniffer dogs in bomb and drug detection departments, in search and rescue, hunting, and even therapy.  

they’re just so chill, man

Even when they get fussy (which will hardly ever be the case), food is the solution, because they are one big foodie. When we say food, a word of caution – they love to chew, anything (blame it on their retriever quality from the hunting times in England).

These yellow, or black, or chocolate, fur balls are simply adorable! But did you know, all the three colours can be born from the same mother? And just as a mother would love all the three equally, we love them too!