Labradors Need Grooming: What, How Often?

Labradors Need Grooming: What, How Often?

Labradors are beautiful pets! But it is not just the appearance that matters. To keep them healthy, it is necessary that you groom them. There are certain things that you need to consider while grooming your Lab. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Your bud needs regular grooming!


Only pet parents can know what a task bathing a dog is! But thankfully, Labs don’t need a frequent bath routine. You can bathe them as and when you feel the requirement i.e. when they actually get dirty, or start smelling. However, if you still want to fix the frequency, once a month would do too.

After you are done washing them with a dog shampoo, dry them two dog towels. Wipe them using the first towel, and after this round use the second one. This ensures that all of the water from their fur is soaked up.

That’s one excited pup!


Ever wondered how some labs have those perfect shiny hair? The secret is brushing your Labrador’s fur at least once a week. (Don’t forget to put a reminder of this one on Sploot). During Autumn and Spring, they tend to shed a lot of fur. So, it is advisable to brush it everyday in these periods. This will ensure that their hair is not lying everywhere.

You also have to keep in mind that the gentle brushing won’t suffice. Since Labs have a double coat of fur, you’ll need to brush thoroughly. It is because of this double coat only, that Labs do not need a haircut. In fact, a haircut does more harm than good.


Inspect your dog’s ear after every walk for the presence of any pest like ticks or fleas. If you see any dirt,clean it using a cotton ball/swab dipped with ear cleaner. If there isn’t any, you should clean the exterior ear once a week. Do not dig deep in their ear. If you do find dirt or any built up material, consult a vet.

Ear Me Out!

Toe Nails

Trimming a Labrador’s nails is very crucial. If not done so, their footpads are forced apart, thus hampering a proper walk, and ultimately leading to skeletal damage in some cases.

The toe-nail clipping frequency will depend on your Lab. You should keep checking them frequently. Look for signs like the sound on the floor. Be careful not to cut them too deep inside the skin. If done so, your dog may develop cyst. An antibiotic helps in such cases. Else, you can also consult a vet for the same.


Wait, what? Do dogs’ teeth need brushing? They certainly do! You must use a soft brush and doggie toothpaste to brush their teeth daily. Lift their lips and gently brush the outer surface of their teeth.

Sometimes, dental plaque can get into their bloodstream, thus affecting the heart and causing heart diseases. See? Brushing is important.


And you thought keeping a Lab was easy!

In a way it is. All you have to do is set up reminders on Sploot, and your obedient Labrador will be supportive (like they always are).