Making the Most of Your Dog Walking Routine: Fun Games to Play

Making the Most of Your Dog Walking Routine: Fun Games to Play

Enhance your dog walking routine by incorporating fun games that engage your pup's mind and body. Here are some enjoyable games to play during your walks:

Hide and Seek:

Find a quiet area and have your dog sit or stay while you hide behind a tree or bush. Then, call your dog's name and encourage them to find you. When they do, reward them with treats and praise. This game helps improve recall and keeps your dog mentally sharp.


If you're in an open area, bring a ball or a favorite toy. Throw it, and encourage your dog to retrieve it and bring it back to you. This classic game provides both exercise and mental stimulation.

Tug of War:

Bring a tug toy on your walk and engage your dog in a game of tug. This can be a great way to release pent-up energy and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

Treasure Hunt:

Before your walk, hide treats or small toys along the route. As you walk, encourage your dog to search for these hidden treasures. It adds an element of excitement and curiosity to your walks.

Obstacle Course:

Create a makeshift obstacle course using natural elements like logs, rocks, or benches. Encourage your dog to jump over, crawl under, or weave through these obstacles. This adds an element of challenge and agility to the walk.

Scent Trail:

Dab a few drops of a dog-friendly essential oil (like lavender or peppermint) on a cotton ball and hide it in the grass or bushes. Let your dog use their nose to track down the scent. This taps into their natural hunting instincts and provides mental stimulation.

Simon Says:

Play a modified version of "Simon Says" during your walk. For example, you can say, "Simon says sit" or "Simon says spin." This engages your dog's obedience and focus.

Doggy Parkour:

Encourage your dog to interact with their environment creatively. Let them jump on low walls, balance on logs, or climb stairs. Just be sure to keep it safe and within your dog's physical capabilities.

Name That Object:

As you walk, point to objects like trees, benches, or lamp posts and ask your dog to "name" them. When they look at or touch the object, reward them with praise and treats. This can help reinforce your dog's vocabulary and focus.

Nature Exploration:

Allow your dog to explore and sniff around in a safe area, like a park or nature trail. Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell, and this type of activity is mentally stimulating for them.

Recall Practice:

Practice recall by letting your dog roam a bit on a long leash, then calling them back to you. Reward them generously when they return promptly.

Water Fun:

If your route includes a stream, river, or lake, bring along a floating toy for some water play. Many dogs enjoy swimming and splashing around.

Remember to tailor these games to your dog's individual needs and preferences. Always prioritize safety during your walks, and ensure your dog is on a leash where required by local regulations. These games can make your dog's walks more exciting, mentally stimulating, and a source of joy for both of you.

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